Hello Everyone! Bro from MX here!

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    • Hello Everyone! Bro from MX here!

      Hello everyone!

      Just to say hi to everyone, I just joined to the forums yesterday, sorry for not writing a greeting sooner :P

      I'm just glad that this forum exist where all the Pewds fans can rejoice and share all the reactions and feelings of his videos, so far I have been catching up with my PewdieVidQueue, it's a real challenge since I have started to follow him recently, the best series so far for my is the Afraid of Monsters series, as well as the classic one like Amnesia, so far are my favorites and I really enjoy those.

      Feel free to chat or send me a message, I'm 31 and from Mexico, if there are more latin Pewdiefans out there I will be around hehe

      Cheers my friends! :saint: