Beware of bots!

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    • Beware of bots!

      Hi everyone!
      Just a quick reminder that we do occasionally have bots that get into the forums and post on walls, in threads, and message.
      While we try our best to keep them at bay and blanket ban them when we see them, we can't catch them all, especially if they message users.
      If you do get a message on the forum out of the blue asking you to email an address or go to a page, and it's from a user you've not spoken to before, ALWAYS enquire by replying on here before you click or send an email.
      It would be appreciated if you would let a member of the team know if you are messaged by someone you believe to be a bot.
      We'll try and get this all resolved as soon as possible, but in the mean time, stay safe and be careful!

      -The BroArmy Team
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    • Had an e-mail this morning (which was directed to me by my username in broarmy). Wanted me to "meet" with the person in name via sending e-mails. Just got in broarmy and luckily saw this post. The person in name calls him/herself as "meriam". Hope this helps.

      P.S: Alright, opened my account and saw that this person who apparently had visited my profile has been banned. Never mind this post (xD) and thank you for your work :))
    • But then i have a weird question. What kind of spam bots are they? Do they send spyware like a trojan horse? Do they also mess up the computers of others once it is clicked? But then i heard from some that there is a file responsible for spamming in different computers, but then it isn't intentional (first hand experience before with a spam-bot virus for yahoo messenger).... isnt it?
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    • Honestly, I don't know. I saw a message sent to another user and responded appropriately once I saw the same message had been put on other peoples walls and such. It is a spam bot that operates on Burning Board, so is not the same as the old MSN and YIM virus based bots. It's simply an automated process run by someone somewhere. These are intentional as there are no viruses that specifically target forums and people who are signed up to them. The users are created for the specific purpose of spam. It's malicious.

      Though we haven't had any more instances of it since yesterday so it looks like we nipped it at the bud.
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    • But another question. The bots create accounts here in an instant right? Also, i remember someone posting on my wall the other day a contact number and a note saying that i should call that person when i am in "pain" or something. Do spambots work that way now?

      And btw, the vasharikan thingy spam bot does not only affect here, but also in the Apple forums and in deviantart forums. For some odd reason, i also found their spams in youtube too. Seen then yet?
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    • I'm mostly watching for the spam bots as well. And surprising they emailed me on my vanished profile. I'll be on watch at times too get them off and reporting them and sending others to them to report the spam or just directly too the mods. I'll also try to find the how too make a html bot finder so it tracks and deletes them without any wrong happening.

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    • Usually, what I've noticed is that mostly Spam Bots spam the Chat box during the evening about 7:00 or 8:00 PM my time. And I didn't get any emails or whatnot but it is really weird and bad and I will not respond to it until after approval by the mods. I just think these people who create these spam bots are annoying and people who don't have anything better in their life to do than spam a website. I hope spam doesn't take over this site and trust the mods ^^ Let's go mods!!

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    • Vicsyyy wrote:

      It's a struggle we've been through and won before, worry not. <img src="" alt="^^" />
      Also could you tell me the time zone 7-8PM is so I can lurk around and observe?

      From my zone
      (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
      At 5:00 am. Daily unless they change it again.
      Sometimes they change it to 6 am or 4 am

      Even How Alone you are you are not forever alone. You have family and loved one's by your side. <3
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    • The bots are fully back again now at 4:00 am my time.
      Not that funny it's returning again and hope it goes away sooner or later.
      At times i'm guessing it will come on at 3 am to 5 am and spam till its banned.
      ( Just noticed my grammar error )

      Even How Alone you are you are not forever alone. You have family and loved one's by your side. <3
      Property of Fluffeh.Monster

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