Do you think that VMMORPG (Virtual MMORPG) will ever exist?

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    • Do you think that VMMORPG (Virtual MMORPG) will ever exist?

      So a couple of years ago, an anime called Sword Art Online (SAO) came out. This was my second anime I watched during that time (first was Detective Conan lol loved it xD) and I also fell in love with SAO. And if you guys did not know, SAO is about a virtual MMORPG game. I don't want to spoil it for the people who haven't watched it so that's all I will say. Virtual MMORPG means that it's like the Oculus Rift that Pewds uses except in this anime, the person in reality is "paralyzed" and cannot move while in the virtual world, they act as though they are in real life. So what I was wondering was if this could also happen in real life where the virtual world sort of also became the real world. And if that could happen, I was also wondering when it would happen. So guys, my question to you is, do you guys think that we will have a VMMORPG and if we can when? Happy Discussions ^^

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    • it might be a while though but i dont think its impossible..... were still experimenting with oculus, and not everyone takes it serious as a possible plataform... with still groundbreaking experience but still rudimentary/shitty controls. When or if we actually get some good games and technologies evolve enough they work through making it able to work in servers with multiple people well have it, not as advanced as in SAO but its something. It all comes down to if its taken seryously
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    • Well there are some problems with making SAO reallity:

      1) The best thing we've achieved is creating something that gives us the sensetion of having control of a VR with your own body and we've done this either with motion sensors via camera or directly attaching them to an exoskeleton attachments.
      2) Here comes the part which will make it difficult for us to make SAO reallity. To make something like SAO we have to completely understand certain function of the brain like perception but in general and how can we create another perception at will and how can we connect the perceptions of diffrent people with the power of the internet? If we can't solve those questions first then we won't have something close to SAO in the near future. All we can do is wait or help and research into those things.
    • It may take several years, but I believe that it will be possible for us to have a game with similar experiences to Sword Art Online... but the question is "what technological leaps will be required for us to reach that point." Right now we have motion sensing technology, and we, as an industry, are currently looking into the visual aspect (via oculus rift)... and are working on an improvement to the motion which will allow movement simulations (virtuix omni). All we have to do is perfect this, and improve servers to the point where it will be able to handle the new animations that will be required for this type of game along with the potential traffic that the game will have. In fact, there's already development of controllers which are controlled via brainwaves... but this is another piece of technology that needs perfected as well.

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