Hekka Kawaii Story

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    • Hekka Kawaii Story

      It was a white and snowy day. I had just gotten my brofists all over shirt for christmas and it was the first time i was wearing it to school. I knew the girl i liked was a fan of pewdiepie, so i couldn't wait to get to the only class i had with her. When I finally arrived at that class she immediately noticed the shirt. Her eyes went wide. she then slowly walked over to me and asked if it was a pewdiepie shirt. I replied with a simple yes. She then smiled and asked if she could have a brofist. At this point I was so happy I almost was really too happy. I gave her a brofist and immediately ran to the bathroom. I started sharting rainbows of happiness as i cried ducks. Oh I will remember that day forever.
    • That's a really cute story you got there. So did you actually befriended her? Maybe asked her if she was around or something? You look like you have a crush on her or something like that more than just like her i mean. I wish you good luck further on may life give you a lot on lemon luck and courage.