Hey brochachos <3 (Introducing myself to you bros ^-^)

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    • Hey brochachos <3 (Introducing myself to you bros ^-^)

      Hey guys! Ye, i'm new to this forum, but im not at all new to pewdiepie's youtubechannel! I have been a bro for about 2 years now, and it has been amazing to see pewdiepie's channel grow. I remember back in the day when he played Amnesia and happy wheels :D It was good times! I have always liked his videos, and thats the main reason why i subscribed to him. He's not only a good youtuber, but also very helpfull to me. His videos always cheers me up, and i laugh every time :D I have gone through quite a few things in my life, and pewdiepie and his videos really makes my day a lot.. better.

      He's a youtuber worth subscribing to, and i hope that i one day get to meet him in person :)

      -Adrian, A true bro since 2012 :brofist:

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