What Will You Remember About 2014?

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    • What Will You Remember About 2014?

      2014 is coming to a close! It's crazy how fast the time flies, it's like you're still remembering things that happened months ago. So my topic today, what will you remember about 2014? There's so much. Here are mine.
      • Well I mentioned it multiple times now, but my grandpa had a seizure back in February (Yeah terrible year start and bad thing to remember there) and is still in the hospital now. This is a rollercoaster of emotions, I am happy he is still here, but also miss him like crazy.
      • [color=rgb(255, 165, 0)]This was my graduation year. Graduating high school is definitely a big accomplishment, some people don't do it these days for reasons, but really I think you should do it for yourself. If not go to college, with a high school diploma you are not completely setting yourself up to fail.
      • [color=rgb(255, 140, 0)]Naruto ending. Yes I am a Naruto fan and have been following the anime since it started, never really read the manga until I got bored of waiting for the new episodes. I was 11 years old when it started, and I still remember the first day I seen it for the first time. Naruto has been most of my life.
      • Five Nights at Freddy's. Yes some people hate it, and I am not saying it is the best game in the world, but it turned me into a conspiracy theorist... which is shocking because I have a friend who is a conspiracy theorist for Disney movies and I never thought I would get into that. It took this game and it's unsolved mysteries to do it and I did tell her about it. Also... these games marked down the only time I never really hated a doll for once, plus made real my fear anything humanized like dolls, statues.... and animatronics.
      • Finally Broarmy. I love this place and glad I joined this year. I wish I would have joined sooner and met awesome people, but this adds to the list of what I will remember this year. This is an awesome way to meet other Bros, and knowing most of us are here because we all love Pewds.

      Happy New Years and I hope everyone has a great one! This calls for celebrations and I will most likely be here! I could have probably have waited but... Oh well I am a little early. Nothing wrong with that. Let me know what you will remember for this year? :brofist:
      We are the fortunate ones that never faced oppression's gun

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    • Things I'll remember from 2014:
      1. Finding about Pewdiepie! Every day it's getting harder for my friends to hang around with me, and I've been feeling pretty lonely, so finding
      :pewdie: has been a massive help and mood lifter! I cant put into words how much it has meant to me, especially during tough days.
      Hopefully I'll be more active in the Bro army and make lots of friends so I can be even less lonely!
      :D :brofist:

      2. The world cup, by far the best I've seen!
      3. Liverpool FCs season and Suarez's magic.

      4. Being truly heart broken for the first time.
      :barrel: <3 :barrel:
      5. But also feeling more optimistic than ever.

      6. Starting to like my career for the first time (Im a med student) despite some shitty teacher forcing me to re-do a whole subject even tough I had great grades and approved the finals. F$%&&$n ass

      7. Discovering both steam and netflix!
      :thumbsup: THere goes my last hope of finally stop being a nerd :P
      Bonus track: that How I met your mother finale

      Thanks for reading this huge post!
      (that keeps getting cut when I post it for some reason)
      Brofist and love for everyone!
      :brofist: <3

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