Is Pewdiepie pissed with Marzia? (NOT A BARREL)

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    • Is Pewdiepie pissed with Marzia? (NOT A BARREL)

      This couple is so cute and once they break up, I would definitely die. But it's like Pewds is always pissed with Marzia like he doesn't wanna talk to her or he doesn't even enjoy with her. I don't know ?( DON'T HATE PLEASE JUST MY OPINION. PS. I WANNA CRY WITH THIS FEELIN'
    • Yeah bro... I also don't know why... But nowadays looks like he doesn't give much attention to her... Like I got a hint of this from the Japan vlog. Sometimes it looks as though he is joking, but most of the time there is a kind of distance between them which did not exist earlier... He tries to ignore her and brings less of her in his videos... really tensed to see this... Want to see the lovely couple again...
    • Really? I haven't noticed this at all. :| Well I don't think you should worry your self to much about this, you might be reading into things a little to much. If any thing was wrong I'm sure that pewds or marzia would tell us about it. :D Marzia and pewdie are meant for each other and I think they are going to be together for a vary long Time. <3
    • Honestly I just think that they don't wanna show their love as much as they show their own personal interests online because it's different to express yourself and to express their love because we all know that when we watch Pewd's videos, it's gonna be focused on his games, news etc. Marzia on the other side more on the fashion, creative and artistic ideas and projects that she makes etc.. None of their videos are about their love but obviously it is included because it's part of who they are :)
    • Mostly, pewds and marzia love each other allot they just don't show it on videos or it would be embarrassing and kinda out of range. If they did do it online. Err, you know people would start doing stupid stuff to ruin it or make there lives horrible~ Well even tho there are some still trying but failing. Maybe they will attempt to spam marzia or pewd's twitter. But that's just a guess.
      Don't worry they won't break up for a long time. Unless something bad really really happens :)

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    • Felix loves Marzia. They are still in love, it is completely obvious to me. :)

      Pewdiepie does bring some distance in their videos in order to protect their relationship. (modesty)
      After all, Youtuber is a full-time job to him; not a love diary.

      There are unmistakeable signs. ^^
      Don't worry Legstrong.

    • I think her new Video will answer this (old) question very well. Most of us forget that they're working to do their videos and have surely some chores to do. They're busy all the time, maybe that's why they don't show that much affection in their videos but in my opinion they don't want to brag about and keep stuff like that private off camera.
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