Project Thank You - Finished Designs and Added Ones

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    • Project Thank You - Finished Designs and Added Ones

      Project Thank You is a project dedicating to all the bros out there who changed my life in a span of a month.

      Now, these are the projects that are already finished.

      1. AngelWolf

      This is AngelWolf. She is the companion of FireWOLF109. She is often seen with him smiling and laughing while going on adventures.

      Message to AngelWolf: Hi! I may not know you very well but I want you to know that I want to be your bro and FireWOLF109 is a really nice guy. Have fun as you go through your ups and downs with him and if you have any problems, just don't hesitate to approach us bros, okay?

      2. FireWOLF109

      This is FireWOLF109. He is one of the people who really have a fiery personality. He is usually at the RP room roleplaying with the other bros. He utilizes the fox forme.

      Message for FireWOLF109: Thanks dude for being an awesome roleplayer in the RP room. I hope you get to RP with us again! Besides, you're the wolf that breaks wind and shoots flames!

      3. GloriaPandaIce

      This is GloriaPandaIce. One of my first Chinese friends ever.

      Message to GloriaPandaIce: Thank you for being the most awesome friend I ever have here and I promise to protect you and keep you safe. When I come by to Hong Kong to see you, I swear one day to walk around in HK with you!

      4. GorkyR

      GorkyR is one of my first friends in broarmy and he usually talks to me when I feel lonely. He makes me feel more comfortable roaming around broarmy and he usually gives a wide range of topics during the chat and asks one how is his or her day.

      Message to GorkyR: Thank you for being an awesome bro in broarmy and keep on keepin' on! Being your bro is the best thing that has ever happened to me and you always make me happy. Always keep an eye on the other bros okay and always smile! Every bro here in broarmy is happy to talk and see you!

      5. Isaiah Kun

      This is Isaiah Kun. One of the nicest bros ever in broarmy and my first master. He is always there when you need a helping hand and once you see him, get ready for his tackle hugs!

      Message to Isaiah Kun: Thanks for being mah bro and thanks for being my friend. If anything happens to you, I promise I'll help you in whatever it takes. Besides, you're my mastaaah!

      6. Mystery

      This is Mystery. That name in itself is a mystery to anyone who goes in BroChat. Mystery is a kind and passionate person. If you see Mystery in the BroChat, don't forget to say "hi" and "hello". Mystery is sure to answer back and help you with certain problems you encounter in BroArmy. After all, Mystery is "Ritual's Kitten"!

      Message for Mystery: Hey Mys! Thanks so much for being that awesome friend ever! Like, you talk about the basics of BroArmy the first day I went there. Now, look! You made a confident bro out of a simple question, "How are you?"! Stay awesome and remember to do the same to other bros! Those three simple words ("How are you") can really change a bro's life!

      "Even though we may never meet, we will always be the best of friends."
      ~ Mystery, 2014

      7. Not the Nope Ghost

      This is Not the Nope Ghost. Usually he is at the brochat chatting with people. He is really nice when you get to talk to him.

      Message to Not the Nope Ghost: Thanks for being an awesome bro and finally it is done! You are the first one to get a foreground and you are lucky to have one! Anyways, make sure you make people happy in brochat, okay? Always be awesome!

      8. Shadowcrowassassin5

      This is Shadowcrowassassin7. She is usually in the RP room with the others, having fun roleplaying. She is really a nice person and loves to smile.

      Message to Shadowcrowassassin7: Hey! I may not know you very well, but then thanks for being an awesome roleplayer. So keep in keepin' on, be yourself. Always smile and don't look back! Keep moving forward and I hope that you can fulfill your dreams.

      "Life is a blank canvas, but you have to paint it yourself"
      - Shadowcrowassassin7

      9. SvannahzSatoriGaming

      This is Satori-chan and this is a traditional Japanese dress with foxes~

      Message to Satori: Thank you for being an awesome bro and you've really accompanied me in fighting during the RP and twisting topics in BroChat. Stay safe okay? and always smile. Be yourself because that is what makes you awesome!

      Well... This is only Part 1 of the whole project. Going to post the next one soon and hey! Maybe a project request post too... :)

      (Credits to TinierMe, DreamSelf.Me, GCrest and @Games!)
      ~ Pokemon Fans unite! ~

    • Project Thank You is a project dedicating to all the bros out there who changed my life in a span of a month.

      Now, these are the projects that are already finished.

      1. CattyGuy Taha

      Credits to DreamSelf.Me,, TinierMe and GCrest.

      This is CattyGuy Taha. He is the best friend of Neko Usman and seen in the BroChat along with the other bros. He is younger than Neko, but he has a heart to say hi to other bros. He could be young, but he could be tough. Besides, being young has its advantages!

      Message to CattyGuy Taha: Hey Taha! Thanks for being awesome and always being there, even if I was the bad person to you. I'm sorry that there are times that I ignore you. It is because I sometimes don't want to talk to people. Anyways, be yourself, Taha! It doesnt matter who you are! We will always be there for you! Don't worry, okay?

      Message of CattyGuy Taha to the New Bros: "Hello, we hope you will do good with us."

      "No one is my senpai"
      ~ CattyGuy Taha, 2014

      2. Clockwork CopyCat

      Credits to DreamSelf.Me, TinierMe, GCrest and

      This is Clockwork Copycat. He is usually checking at the BroChat for people to chat with and talk about things. He is a really nice person and has the heart to help others. One thing is that he also draws and skillful at photoshopping. Very, very awesome!

      Message to Clockwork Copycat: Thanks for being that friend that I can rely on and being that awesome bro ever! So bro, always remember to keep other bros happy, okay? Also, keep the photoshopping and your hobbies up! You're doing great! Always look at the night sky because I believe you shine like the stars there. Someday, you might be able to bring people to the stars!

      Message to the bros by Clockwork Copycat: "Oh.... hey there newcomer , welcome in our society , I hope you will behave decently and make a bunch of friends like I did :3"

      'Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."
      ~ William Penn

      "Time flies like an arrow , fruit flies like a banana"
      ~ Clockwork Copycat, 2014

      3. Dastanael

      Credits to DreamSelf.Me, TinierMe, and GCrest.

      Dastanael is one of the bros that stays at the BroChat to keep an eye on bros and chat with them. When she's around, she can help oneself change for the better. She's pretty much the best teacher around in BroArmy.

      Message to Dastanael: Hi and thanks for being patient for the many times I screw around. Because of you, you've made me change little by little. You're the best teacher in BroArmy and I hope bros will realize that making mistakes requires courage to move on and be a better person.

      "Duck it, I'm so nice..."
      - Dastanael, 2014

      4. DatWierdAnimeGurl

      Credits to DreamSelf.Me, TinierMe, and GCrest.

      This is DatWierdAnimeGurl and she is always there to help you! She loves to meet new bros and treat them awesomely. Bros are part of her life, and nothing can stop her from being awesome and friendly!

      Message to DatWierdAnimeGurl: Hi and thank you really for everything! You have changed my life and it has been an awesome ride! Working with you has been good despite the troubles that arise. I hope that you'll stay like this in the future. Stay awesome, and always look up in the clouds. There's always a rainbow there (and of course, cookies everywhere!).

      "Welcome to the Survey Corps Legion 42. We have titans and cookies!"
      - DatWierdAnimeGurl, 2014

      5. /-Kirito-Kun-\

      Credits to TinierMe, DreamSelf.Me, and GCrest.

      This is /-Kirito-Kun-\. He pops by at broarmy and chats with the bros. He welcomes bros warmly and he's always there if you need any help.

      Message for /-Kirito-Kun-\: Hey /-Kirito-Kun-\! Thanks for being a bro in broarmy and even if i don't know you very well, you're still an awesome friend and bro ever! So continue to smile and inspire new bros, okay? The new bros may need help from you sometime!

      Message from him for the bros: Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your time here.

      "The main reason I got stronger was so I’d be able to survive."
      ~ /-Kirito-Kun-\, 2014

      6. Mairym

      Credits to DreamSelf.Me, GCrest, and TinierMe.


      This is Mairym and her cheery personality is what makes everyone love her. She is fun to be with, energetic, and loves to make new friends. If you need anything, you may approach her. She is always there to help you smile and lend a helping hand!

      Message for Mairym: Thank you Mairym for being awesome and nice! You are always there to cheer anyone up and making us feel better in anything. May you inspire other bros to smile too and be themselves! You will always be one of my friends and one of those people who I can rely on sometime.

      Message from Mairym to the bros: "you're gonna be addicted to the people you're gonna meet here. Its probably the best kind of addiction ;)"

      "The more the merrier"
      ~ Anonymous

      7. n4ulquiorra/ichi

      Credits to TinierMe, DreamSelf.Me, and GCrest.


      This is n4ulquiorra/ichi and he is a neko ninja! But then he has a pet dog so... The irony?

      Message to n4ulquiorra/ichi: Thank you for being an awesome bro to all of us and you know that it is really cool that you are making videos because you got inspired by Pewdiepie! Stay awesome bro and do your best in your videos! Make sure that you look out to the other bros, okay? They may need your helping hand!

      "What is a heart?"
      ~ n4ulquiorra/ichi, 2014

      8. OgoMaster

      Credits to GCrest,, TinierMe and DreamSelf.Me

      This is OgoMaster. The guy with the cucumbers. He usually pops by and stuff even if he's busy with school.

      Message to OgoMaster; Ogo!!! Here is the photo!!! (ooh! it rhymes!) Anyways, thanks for making me laugh Ogo at those times you say cucumbers and stuff. I don't know why but your sense of humor is awesome! So I hope you get to make people laugh too sometime, and don't be a stranger to us!

      9. Ritual Lobotomy

      Credits to GCrest, TinierMe, DreamSelf.Me and

      This is Ritual Lobotomy. Also known as "Lobomommy" for some. She is that Moderator that is always available when one has problems, and she is always there with a cheery smile. But be careful, don't mess with her because she may let her calm wrath out!

      Message for Ritual Lobotomy: Thank you for being that awesome mom/friend/scientist/everything ever! Thanks for guiding me in the whole process and you have made me smile despite adversities. So Lobo, i hope you get to inspire others to be themselves and let your joy be shared! Look up in the sky and you'll see a rainbow. Hope's always there guiding you always.

      "A brave mind is always impregnable."
      ~ Ritual Lobotomy, 2014
      ~ Pokemon Fans unite! ~

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