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    • Flood: World reborn

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      Alright, the people who made the whole "you personalize your character I write" don't upload enough. So I am making my own.... Before you ask, yes the concept is somewhat heavily based on Wind Waker, but only down to the lore.... You will understand soon enough.

      For as long as time itself, legends of the drylands spread. People say they exist, others think that the stories were just that; stories. One curious, lazy boy by the name of Earlich. His curiousness has gotten him many places; Stuck in a tree on the high forest (a small forest atop a plateau of the island he lives on. Or how about the time he drifted a mile from shore, or even the time he got stuck in the ratways, a series of smaller tunnels for rodents or other pets to travel around the island.... He got out, but he did get a slight case of claustrophobia after that, which only lasted about a week.... In other words, his curiosity is almost unmatched. Now, he is the only child on this island... at least that's what he thinks as he writes this letter. It is a letter of invitation being sent out to every inhabited island in the great void, or the seemingly endless ocean. He currently has a friend... A pirate by the name of Serbius on his way. His entire crew was lost to an attack by the legendary Leviathan. He will provide transportation TO adventure, while those who accept the letter with a small fee of 3 shards of greenglass (a type of jewel that is a cross of jade and emerald). He will send for Serbius to pick everyone up en route to Earlich.

      Layrians (water people) These are similar to 'mermaids' but are more like fish turned people rather than half-half. they posses the ability to retract their toes and produce fins from the same orifice. Not only that, a voluntary action of secreting a fluid that allows their legs to stick together to form a tail. Downside being their incredible lack of strength in general, they have a high amount of agility and dexterity, along with their hardened extra defensive fins on their arms, which serve as small shields, which are a vital part of their swordplay participation. Their culture is very similar to humans, but more monarchy-based, since their kingdom is underwater, only a few will see this message.
      Golems: Self-explanatory. But there is a difference; golems, if injured, can pick up almost any solid metal to repair themselves, and slightly harden themselves as well, although they usually are just rocks to start, as most of the metals have been drained from their main island, Haarvik. They have amazing power and high defenses when they have been collecting metal, and are excellent "tanks". Sadly, they have almost no speed and are rather clumsy, but the full manipulation of their body makes up for this. They and Layrians are pretty much stalemated in terms of capabilities. Golem culture is more tribal than anything, with many stories to tell.
      Humans: No explaination needed; essentially a balance that can crawl through spaces easier, due to their smaller size (1' less than Layrians, and almost 4x smaller than Golems). While there are actual clothing options for humans, Layrians have different colors and Golems have different cores, giving different glow for in-between the rocks that make up their body.

      Appearance: Layrians are strictly thin for travel purposes. Image preferred, but whatever.
      Personality: Giving examples of what they would do in a situation. other than that, it would be best to simply describe it.
      Theme: Preferably something medival or just use zelda soundtracks; somethign of the like.
      Other: Backstory is prefered to NOT go here. This would be for quirks and whatnot, but if you wish you COULD add a backstory section; that does NOT mean it will be used.

      Relationships will be made. Yes it is strictly these races, but more WILL be introduced later, and I will announce when new OC's are available. That said, I will begin writing when I have one submission of every race. I will randomly choose the two to recieve pets from a list randomizer; the first two on the randomized list will recive the pet they requested. Some will die and one MIGHT come back if they die, but Don't worry, I won't go killing randomly so that others will be in the story. Any questions are to be asked along with your OC entries. PREPARE FOR ADVENTURE!

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    • Sure, I'll give this a go.


      Name: Ark Vanguard.

      Appearance: Click!

      Personality: Ark is a man of action, diving head-first into said action wherever possible. He loves fighting, and especially likes weapons. He's not a picky eater, and most of the stuff he may or may not kill will most likely be for the sole purpose of eating it. He is, as some would call it, "Hot-Blooded"; This means he will give his all in just about EVERYTHING he does, unintentionally making the mundane look awesome half the time. He also has no indoor voice, at least not in normal everyday conversation. It should go without saying that he has the tendency to make rather rash decisions. Though Ark can seem a bit brash at times, he genuinely cares for his comrades, and will do anything to keep them safe.

      Pet: N/A.

      Theme: Click!

      Other: HATES onions, absolutely despises them.

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.
    • UPDATE: Just a note to make, even IF Stryder has taken the human spot, there is still room available to be human. The maximum amount of people will be a solid 15 at once. There are limits, however. These limits being 13 humans (counting the capn' Earlich, and Stryder right now.) 4 Layrians, and 7 Golems. I know these numbers don't add up perfectly, but that is the point. Also, the ship will not ALWAYS, if ever, be full. So for those worried before, take note of this. If people don't submit OC's in three days, I will just fill in the other spots and make the story.