Whatup Bros!!!

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    • Whatup Bros!!!

      Hey Guys,

      Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is George and I'm from South Africa. I am a software developer by profession but my real passion has always been games and game development. I really love watching Pewds and all of his crazy antics, really brightens my day.

      Anyway, thanks for providing us with such an awesome site and all the work that has been put into this (I know how much time a site like this takes).

      Ill be here often from now on. Only found out about this site today. Stay awesome guys! :brofist:
    • Welcome to the forums George :D
      we're pretty close in terms of age XD
      Well, hope you enjoy your stay here
      and make lots of friends :D
      See you around ^^
      "For I am invisible in the crowd of strangers, will you ever see me in this unending sea of faceless people? Or will you too, ignore me and let me drown in this sorrow, and be forever tortured by solitude.."