PewDiePie gets different

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    • PewDiePie gets different

      hey Bro's! :brofist:
      I was having a lot of questions since a couple of months. And I was hoping that I was not the only one with these questions.
      Does pewds seem different to you? I just miss the good old times when I came home knowing that he uploaded a new part of TLOU. And now he is just playing these stupid games. I feel like loosing him. I don't watch his vids everyday. And the main reason is : he doesn"t play story games any more.
      maybe they're no good games out there.
      but what do you bros think!
      let me know in the comments :pewdie:
    • In my opinion he hasn't changed,
      the new coming out games has changed, some of them go stupid and senseless(not all of them,there are a lot of great games that has powerful story).
      So,Felix wants to play what we like, what we love and a lot bros wants him to play short funny games not stupid btw even the internet has changed nothing can stay the same ^^
    • Well,I don't even think it's that he sucks or that the games suck.Times are always constantly changing and evolving and with this comes a spin on entertainment and gaming.People like some of those rather silly games,because well,it gives you something to laugh at.I often enjoy seeing him playing the games that no one's heard of because yeah it's different but it's the way that's presented to us all that makes it so special! :DD
    • I think he has changed some parts of the gaming side, but he is still the same Pewds we all know and love (unless you know him as Poods. Even then, he's still the same guy.)
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    • The problem here is more that story games don't really get much attention.

      Only a small fragment of bros watches playtroughs and there isn't even that many games today with that great stories.
      The main "story games" on his channel were horror games and to be honest that concept got a bit boring.

      Plus not to talk about the editing cause games with stories should be played in one sitting for the best effect,and that alone is hard,plus it's a full day of work to edit that.

      Also he played corpse party recently and south park before that, in other words he puts out playtroughs from time to time and has to stick to silly games in order to be able to put out videos daily.

      So it's still the same pewds only with a bit of a different content.
    • Pewdiepie is mostly still acting the same as he is. His just being more mature over it and being less scared. But mostly people do grow up to get things up and running. He is still a great man trying his best for everyone you just have to find the right games that are scary enough for him to try to make him tear up or be scared badly. Pewds will not always act so cry cry scared like he used too but that doesn't mean he won't be so scared after playing a very scary game or a fun game screaming or having fun and doing his normal thing. His fine but you might notice him not doing much of the scary jump around's but he'll do it once awhile. You'll see ;) Jut recommend him a game that's majorly scary

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