Got any funny/Weird Dreams?

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    • Got any funny/Weird Dreams?

      So, I was wondering if any of you dreamt anything weird/Funny lately? I really find dreams interesting, and I also dream pretty weird dreams :P
      So, for not so long ago, I dreamt that I was inside a house that was in a train. (This makes sense btw) And the train conductor was Chica from FNAF, and...what more...Oh, I also met this girl that had treetrunks for legs :P She told me that I had an important mission, and that was to deliver a package with scissors to Tom Cruise. (Seriously, WTF?)
      "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world."
      - Albert Einstein
    • I have dreamt one time that i went to the beach with some friends in college, then a storm came.

      The waves crashed down and i nearly drowned. I quickly ran to a house and opened the door.

      My senpai was sleeping! He even looks good with his shirt and shorts!

      He woke up and I was really embarrassed to see him like that.

      I asked him if i could stay for a while because of the waves.

      He just smiled and said, "It's okay. You can stay."

      I blushed and saw him fixing up a small place where I could sit.

      I sat and asked him a question (which I forgot).

      ......and i woke up thinking it was real. O_O"
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    • Lol I have a new, weird dream! So, I dreamt that everything was anime-form, (I had 1st person view and everything was manga) and, I met this girl, and we became friends, and when we had known each other for 6 months, I was pretty much in love with her. Later, I was in some kind of steel cage, that various monsters attacked, (The girl was with me too)(I remember that she had brown hair, blue eyes and had a black shirt with some kind of motive on.) and one of the bars got hit, and it impaled me ._. I died in a really sad death scene, where it really turned into an anime, it even had music :P The girl got so depressed that she threw herself into the monsters. "I wanna be with you~!" Then, credits, with random japanese names.
      "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world."
      - Albert Einstein

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    • .Well,I had one where I was laying down in a grass field and it was really pretty then all of a sudden this mirror was coming down and it was floating above me,well for whatever reason I started thrashing and screaming but I couldn't move,when the mirror came down I saw myself wrapped in hot chains,duct tape on my mouth,my skin was boiling,and my eyes were melted out of my skull.Not really funny or weird,but it's something! XD
    • O-kay, I dreamt a really vivid and detailed dream after I listened to some binural beats and meditated. So, me and my family was on this weird spanish island. The biggest city was Named "La guerra".So, we had our cat there too, and we introduced it to oter cats. Now comes the most vivid part! We flew home, but we realized that we forgot something there, so we had to go back. When the plane started, I just managed to shut off my phone, and tighten my seatbelt. Then, the plane rose in altitude, to suddenly drop, extremely close to the ground. *Speaker*" We are currently flying over Scotland, and-look! There's a bull!" We passed a barn with a bull, that was 2 times bigger than the barn, and you could see humans taking care of it. It stared at me. After a while, the plane landed on a small road on the countryside. Three germans in WWII uniforms ran towards the plane, and..*Part 2 in the next post*
      "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world."
      - Albert Einstein