The Last Door (free PC Horror)

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    • The Last Door (free PC Horror)

      Hello everyone!
      I wanted to suggest to Pewds (and to anyone interested) a horror graphic adventure called 'The Last Door'. It's played in the browser ( and it's amazing story is told by chapters. They've just started 'Season 2', and the whole 1st season is available for free!!

      There are 2 things that make this game stand out:
      1) The story, which takes inspirations from the masterpieces of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P.Lovecraft, and keeps you hooked. [The setting is marvelous too]
      2)The presentation:

      Here's a full gameplay of the 1st capter:
      The Last Door: Walkthrough / Gameplay - Let's Play - Chapter 1 - YouTube

      It's worth a try. Trust me.

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