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      1. "There once was a young girl called Mary who loved to dream. She made up amazing stories and explored fantastical worlds. She could do anything in her dreams, and she loved to dream so much she never wanted to wake up. After all, reality is boring and so scary. When you live a life like that, wouldn’t you want to fall into your dreams?"Dreaming Mary is a 20-minute sidescrolling adventure game. As Mary, you explore a mysterious dream world with animals who invite you to play with them or help them. One of the animals invites you deeper into the dream… but will you follow him?
      This game contains mild horror elements and is best played with high audio in a quiet room, as it is very easy to miss the time window to the good ending route if one does not listen to the audio hints at the beginning of the game.

      2. Letsplay (played by Mary, channel - CinnamonToastKen):

      3. The game is free. You can download it here:
      Dreaming Mary, an indie Adventure game for RPG Maker VX Ace :: rpgmaker.net

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