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    • Eriline RP Plot and Character Submissions

      In a futuristic world, one community survives alone, cut of from the world war of society. Little does this community know about the outside world, as their government set up high stone walls around the city, just before the outbreak of conflict.
      Outside these walls, a group of people called Survivors roam the scarce forest, facing the dangers of the outside world and the after effects of war.
      Behind these walls, the community is subdivided into 2 groups, commonly known as Rich or Poor. The Rich people are easily considered of higher importance and live in tall penthouse apartments, five stars hotels, mansions and even palaces. They are typically considered 'elegant, powerful and snobby'. They carry on with their everyday lives and occupations, yet most are scared of their government actions. Any question of the law causes execution. You can never be too clear who is faking to be Rich from fear or intelligence. Yet still, some Rich people are wiling to break the rules...
      The Poor people live in a wasteland of a town, rotting in their own muck with hardly any salvageable things to live with. They are hungry and starving, and are given the Rich's garbage to feed them. Any Poor person seen in Rich territory is captured and reported for theft. But no matter how weak the Poor are, they are planning a revolution for their mistreatment. They are considered 'full of spirit, determined and rebellious yet filthy'.
      Among these two groups there are 13 special people classified as 'Erilines'. They were either born with or evolved the following powers, each unique to their personality and physical abilities:
      - Telepathy
      - Precognition
      - Possession
      - Illusions
      - Animal morphing
      - Teleportation
      - Speed
      - Strength
      - Telekinesis
      - Darkness and shadow manipulation
      - Electric manipulation
      - Cold and ice manipulation
      - Fire and heat manipulation
      The problem is, the government believes these people to be a threat and are finding ways to identify them through advanced scientific research. They are planning to do anything to capture and can't wait to make them suffer...
      While the government is dealing with Erilines, they also believe that the Poor are a waste of space and are planning a organised yet extremely deadly attack on the Poor...

      So this RP will be about; the life of Survivors outside and weather they want to join 'the community' or not, the poor people and their plans to rebel against the government, the secret lives of rich people, government plans, army plans and most importantly the Erilines.


      Rich, Poor or Surviver?

      Rich Rankings
      - Government Leader (1): leader of the whole community
      - Government Deputy (1): second in command of the whole community
      - Government Officials (4): you assist the leader and deputy in making their decisions. You play a huge role to what might happen next in your community
      - Royal Guard (4): highest protecters of the government - require high intelligence and combat skills
      - HAWCA (Hand and Weapon Combat Army) Commander (1): Leader and commander of HAWCA
      - HAWCA (Hand and Weapon Combat Army) General (1): Second in command of HAWCA
      - HAWCA (Hand and Weapon Combat Army) Members (20 max): Involves training and fighting in battles. You protect the inside boarders and follow government command. Some of you patrol Poor boarders, keeping people of the poor in their place. You capture any criminals or law offenders for their fates to be soon decided.
      - ADBP (Attack and Defence Border Patrol) Commander (1): Leader and commander of HAWCA
      - ADBP (Attack and Defence Border Patrol) General (1): Second in command of HAWCA
      - ADBP (Attack and Defence Border Patrol) Members (20 max): You will patrol boarders and are in charge of fighting what threatens your community outside the walls. You rely highly on your Commander to lead you.
      - Prison Guards (2): in charge of
      - Citizen (unlimited): part of the rich community
      *For most of these rankings, you still have the life of a normal Rich citizen just with an extra responsibility.

      Poor Rankings:
      Leader (1): The whole poor community looks up to you to make their decisions and lead them to a revolution.
      Deputy (1): You are considered the second in command to the poor
      Citizens (unlimited):

      Survivors (10 max): You live beyond the walls and are the only survivors of the tragic world war. You are hungry and alone in a scarce forest that surrounds the the stone walls. Do you dare try enter those walls by discussion or force? Or will you take your chances in the woods, hoping for survival? Who will you meet? What creatures might you discover?......


      Character requirements: The breed of your character must be human (not a hybrid/humanoid sorry D:). Try to stick to normal skin tones (hint hint: fluorescent blue isn't exactly preferred...). Your character can have as crazy and as fluorescent hair as you want though! Also there are no 'clothing requirements' or anything.
      1-3 characters can be used unless you ask and I say otherwise :)

      Rich Entry Form
      Appearance (can be brief):
      Persona (can be brief):
      Rich, Poor or Surviver:
      Rank Preference 1:
      Rank Preference 2:
      Rank Preference 3 (optional):

      Poor Entry Form
      Appearance (can be brief):
      Persona (can be brief):
      Rich, Poor or Surviver:
      Rank/Rank Preference 1:
      Rank Preference 2 (optional):

      Survivor Entry Form
      Appearance (can be brief):
      Persona (can be brief):
      Rich, Poor or Surviver:
      Backstory/Pervious Nationality (optional):

      If you want your character to be an Eriline (which is practically the most important part of the RP), add in
      Eriline Preference 1: (insert most favourable power of the ones listed at the top)
      Eriline Preference 2: etc
      Eriline Preference 3: etc

      Any questions at all (especially about the role of an Eriline character) I'll be happy to answer
      ENJOY :)

      ~ RW
      It's Phyre to you.

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    • Name: Mustafa Gökçen
      Age: 18
      Appearance: He has short light brown hair with brown eyes. He is 5 feet 6 in tall and weights 154ib.
      Persona : He is very loyal and has much energie, that he also put in his work. Mustafa belives in the goverment and his mentor that the current way is the best way for everyone. He is perfectionist and work out every free minute. He mostly talking very much during the missions. Mostly unimportant stuff, but sometime some comments from him saved lives and also a mission.
      Rich: loyal; good
      Backstory: His Mother was once a ADPD General. She was one of the best in her time. The job was dangerous, so she lost her life in one big mission. After Mustafa was informed about that, he gone into the ADPD Acaemy to be the best ADPD Commander to fulfill the dream of his mother. Without his mother theire was a hole in his heart that he tried to fullfil with hard training, so that would not happend again that he could save everyone who he is near by.
      Rank Preference 1: HAWCA Member
      Rank Preference 2: ADPM Member

      Name: Shin Nakamaru
      Age: 27
      Appearance: He has black hair, with green-grey eyes and a light brown skintone. He is with his 6 feet 3 and 200 lb.
      Persona: Organized, quiet and gives anyone a second change. Even in the darkest time he smiles, to give people hope they have already lost. Shin thinks that the truth always win against the lie, so he never lies and is very directly, if he talks to people. He don't like it, but he is a little bit clumsy.
      Poor: leader; good
      Backstory: Before the war begun he was the HAWCA Member, until he get information what happening outside the peatiful and almost perfect residential area of the rich people. He reported it the General and he explaned him how the system works where he lived. Shin couldn't accept that and the General told him to leave, because if he stays they would kill him. So he left to the poor residential area, where the couldn't find him easy and started to help the poor people with organisation food and drinkable water, a little theather to make theire live a little bit better.
      Rank Preference 1: Deputy

      Name: Earvin Wallace
      Age: 19
      Appearance: Earvin had short brown hair with blue eyes. He wears a 5ft 11in tall and 165lb heavy.
      Persona: Earvin is a person of not much words, but he can talk for hours, if it is about a topic he really loves. On the one hand is mostly friendly and help where he can,on the other hand he didn't help, or is friendly to people if he thinks that they have a bad personality (he decide it really fast so he could be wrong). but he doesn't like to have close friends. If he is into something he is also extreme stubborn.
      Surviver: Lone Wolf; good
      Backstory: Before the war begun he lived with his Family in a little farm at the village "Greenfield". As the war begun unkown Soldiers run into the village came to the village and search for him. His Father told him to run, before they broke into their house and captured the family. Earvin last view of his loved Greenville was his as the soldier started to burn the whole village. After then he traveled from village to village, from town to town, to find his place.

      Eriline Preference 1: Electric manipulation
      Eriline Preference 2: Teleportation
      Eriline Preference 3: Telekinesis

      Here are my 3 character, but how are the rules for play more then one them exactly?