Hiya Strangers ~

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    • Hiya Strangers ~

      It's kind of a weird time to be introducing myself (it's 4:06am here), but I figured the sooner I start the better! I love PewDiePie's videos and have been a fan of his since July 2012 (as said in my profile). I feel bad for joining the site so late but I hope I can make up for it by being a great bro to the community! And maybe while I'm here I'll meet some other bros. That would be awesome. :brofist:

      Also I'd like to add that while I love playing games, I don't really have anybody to play them with, so I'd like to have some gamer buddies. If you're interested let me know and we can get to know each other so I can figure out your weaknesses and DESTROY YOU - uh, I mean, so we can become good friends. :3 Hehe.
      ~ AwesomeKnightly