Who is PewDiePie To You?

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    • Who is PewDiePie To You?

      If you are here, on broarmy.net, its pretty sure that the reason is you like/love/are obsessed w/pewds. And we get it! He is so fab and awesome!
      I just want to know and just let it out, who is he to you. Is he your savior? Did help you through tough times? Is he like a BFF who you can hang out with everyday? Or is he your spirit animal(duck)? Let us know! :brofist:
      FABULOUS :brofist: IN :brofist: TRAINING

    • He is funny and FABULOUS!
      He was using his fame to share charity once and I think he used the lemon chance well.
      He is like Pinkie Pie to me, smile through crying and cheering people up :)
      Also I love his accent XD

      That is a lot of color o_o
      Some of others may be different, it's true. But no matter who they are treat them the same.
      Don't ever use your opinion to insult someone. Think about what you will feel like if you were the one being insulted. If you already did, it's never too late to say sorry. But if you kept on insulting without an apology, the green unicorn will slice your head off.
      Stay strong bros, especially you Pewds :D
    • I really wanna meet him loads of lucky bross have met him but he to me is like a friend and when im sad he likes to scream like a little girl and I crack up andd ive seen a vid where he cries at the walking dead story and I cried to we are bonded through FEELINGS AND VIDEOS