Pewds is going to develop a game! What kind of game would you like him to make?

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    • _TehSwedeTalianGirl_ wrote:

      I think he would definitely be a pro at making a horror game,to be quite honest.He's played enough of them to know where he can make differences and improvements in the area of fear factor.But,overall,the game he's going to make will be wicked sick!That,for a fact,I know. :)

      Creating a game is a whole other thing than just playing it. Just because you have a lot of experience in playing games doesn't mean you will be able to create one yourself. You need to learn how to program etc. etc. etc. , besides that a lot of game developers are gamers.

    • Any game made by Pewds will appeal to someone. It doesn't matter whether or not it is a horror, indie, dramatic or a simple point and click if you like the game. Just my opinion.
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