Wanna Draw? Share your art!

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    • o: Cool art guys, really enjoyed it c: I draw animals though..and its not very advanced...if anyone could, can I have help on shading and fur..if anyone does that?
      NOTE: This is a Doldstrom, my own CLOSED species meaning no one can make one of their own. I do make adopts of them if you want one, this one here is Blu Tex and is up for adoption currently.
      If anyone wants to adopt this guy he's up for adoption here: Blue Tex - Doldstrom adopt OPEN by DemonousNight on DeviantArt
    • Dastanael wrote:

      Working on this portrait for months (mostly because my laptop broke down in between and then classes got me to reschedule my priorities...

      That is AMAZING *-* I am inlove with your painting style!

      Edit: Mine.. I'm not very good at all, but I want to be better!! ^^
      • looking_good_by_lixzia-d80vqer.jpg

        201.81 kB, 761×1,050, viewed 125 times
      How many times do I have to tell you that you're not who you say you are?