How Does Pewdiepie Affect Your Life?

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    • Whenever I'm feeling down in some way, I usually turn to Pewds videos. He has the ability to make me smile and laugh, no matter how bad I might be feeling. He has also opened me up to finding more Youtubers. Before I never cared much for Youtube, and I didn't understand the big deal about the website. But because I watched him so much, I decided to give others to try. (Marzia also played a major part in this.) So without him, and Marzia, I'd had never found other favorites of mine. He just brings me a lot of happiness and strength.
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    • Pewds affected my life greatly.

      My favourite videos he uploads are montages, so he should do more. Whenever I am sad or stressed, I watch either SSundee, Skydoesminecraft or PewDiePie.
      But PewDiePie makes me laugh harder than the rest.

      I found PewDiePie's video recommended to me, so I watched it. It was really funny! Then I became a Bro. That was like, 2012 or 2013. Now, I constantly watch alot of his videos and they really make me laugh.

      Anyways, in 2015, I am facing a major exam of my life.
      So that means I can't watch Pewds until 2016 D:
      So this year, I need to watch as much as possible.

      Anyways, one question I have to ask Pewds.
      When are you and Marzia getting married?
      Post a video of your marriage. :D
      And don't worry about getting rejected by her father, it happens. A few days later, he'll get you under his wing.
    • I'm more happier and upbeat after I watch Pewds videos. I guess its what I really needed in life. Thanks PewDiePie,I can laugh again. :) :brofist:
      I went through a really sad breakup with my ex boyfriend but we are still friends and still talk but I had to move back to Florida. Not because of him or anything, it was a great relationship, I got laid off from my job. Its sad, I miss my ex, but I guess everything has a reason to it. I'll never forget my ex or playing Pokémon with him or all the other good times we had together.I guess life just didn't want us together,I can't explain it.
    • when i found pewdiepie i was in a pretty bad place in my life. i wasnt so happy as i used to be. but then i was on youtube and "how to flirt with a girl" video came out and i started laughing. someone actually made me laugh. i love him, mariza, and his two pugs. they're the best, so he has affected my life in the greatest way possible. And for that I am thankful to him for that. :brofist:
    • (Warning: This post contains a lot of sensitive talk. So yeah that's how I write. I'm a sensitive writer so don't judge. I also like cats... Wtf already out of topic!!! Anyway here I go)

      Well i've been watching his vids for quiet a long time. Each time the stress of the day goes off the window. He helps me relax. Whenever I'm sad he made me feel happier and forget my sadness. Sometimes even get over it. I've discussed this with a few ppl and not everyone had the same opinion as me. But i have my own reason to like him. He affected my life a lot in the past 3 years so thx Poods.