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    • Well shit, I forgot to introduce myself. I don't think it's necessary, but what the hell.
      My username is phonetically pronounced (Sim-ee-kee) I can't put it in any simpler terms. I suck at it anyways.
      I like to RP when I'm not busy, so... feel free. But in the appropriate places, of course. Not here. Here is a no-no.
      You can usually find me in chats, I like to linger in the brochat, and just randomly reply to anyone. I kinda wedge myself in there.
      I'm really easygoing, I love to put in all CAPS and just scream it out, so don't think I'm being rude: I'm just being ridiculously nice.
      I follow the rules to a T as much as I can. Pretty much what you need to know about that.
      I'm also a grammar freak. I'll get frustrated when I can't spell something right, or when I typo. Drives me freaking nuts.
      MMmmm, so.. Yeah, that's about it. Poke me or message me. Something. Nice to be here with mah bros.
      Brofist~~ :brofist:
      "I don't know what a good signature looks like. I'm assuming pretty text. Pretty."