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    • TechnologiesLover wrote:

      Best art ever, u should be n.1 artist you almost got pewds's fanart videos, Keep it Up! :thumbsup: :brofist:
      Thank you. Not sure what you meant by almost got into Pewds video, as the photo shows that I did get into it. Thinking it may just be a language barrier thing. Either way, thanks heaps :D

      Anyway, another older drawing as I've been working too much as of late to produce anything.

      This is a coloured pencil portrait of a colleague's horses that she commissioned me for.
      <3 Slightly twisted, gaming metalhead <3
    • Thank you all so much.

      Thought I may as well add the two drawings I've added via Tumblr, even though they are mostly focused on Jacksepticeye :3

      So, due to the enthusiasm pictured in the first image, I drew a very silly little comic, featuring my four favourite YouTubers; CinnamonToastKen, JackSepticEye, Markiplier, and of course, PewDiePie.

      I am amazed that I bothered to colour this, let alone add any detail to it at all. It was just gonna be a scribble but it ended up consuming me. I hope at least one sees it and likes it a little bit.

      I used tons of references. Christ. And I am awful with proportions.

      “Jackalicious, definition; make us all go loco.”
      Yes, I used a screenshot from the song Fergalicious for this pose. What of it? Also, the idea for this was originally just me giving Jack a cookie. It degenerated into this. I dunno how. My brain is weird.
      This is a drawing of gratitude for Jacksepticeye, who shared probably the silliest thing I’ve ever drawn.
      It blew up thanks to him and it makes me really happy knowing that people get a kick out of it :D
      I hope you all enjoy this too, especially Jack. I hope he likes strawberries. And his legs. I am so proud of his damn legs, even if my proportions probably suck. And the background definitely sucks. I’m so sorry but I just can’t draw backgrounds D:
      Much love to you all and thank you all enormously for your support. You all rock my socks.

      Once again, thanks to Jacksepticeye for sharing my work, even if it's really silly. He's so damn nice :3
      <3 Slightly twisted, gaming metalhead <3