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    • Hi bros! I just wanted to know what do you all like... in the real life :D, so tellme, favourite band, colour, youtuber, movie, where are you from? how old are you= Whatever you want! BROFIST!

      I'm from argentina and i speak spanish and english
      I can't choose one band, but i like AC/DC, Guns n Roses, System of a Down, Skrillex, Pegboard Nerds, Different Heaven, Timeflies tuesday, Scorpions, Poison, Rata blanca, Los babasonicos, Los piojos, Metallica, Radiohead, and a lot more :p
      My favourite colour is blue c:
      My favourite youtuber is poods
      My favourite movie is the ring (american version)
      I love rock n roll <3
      I hate most of the pop music...
      In argentina it's 00:34 A.M, we are in spring, and i's 14° celcius
      I hate haters and love lovers
      I never had a girlfriend
      I am 14 years old
      I like better 80's music than the actual music
      I do lots of quickscopes, but most of them fail...
      SAIMON99 :D

    • So you're a 14yo with a computer better than the NASA one ?

      Also, It's 12:18 here and it's 35° celcius, France, Marseille.
      I love alot of bands.

      And i'm also waiting for Axent Wear. (google it this is awesome <3)
      Standing alone doesn't mean I'm alone, It means i'm strong enought to handle things all by myself.