Virtual Relationships..?

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    • ClockWorkMaidenGear wrote:

      I think online relationships are okay :) I think if you were to talk all the time,Skype with each other,are real with each other the first time you guys ask each other something,and you witness each other through your best and worst I think it's a relationship well worth it.I just can't stand people who do this,cause I've been Catfished twice and have met some rather inappropriate,toxic people while "online dating",but that was because I just assumed everyone I meet online is who they really say they are,I didn't take into account they could have been lying to me.If you're doing your research on that one person,not revealing contact info/personal information,you know where to meet good people online,and you don't go on suspicious websites then you're good and you obviously have things under control. :)

      My Name is Cheesecake wrote:

      I agree @ClockWorkMaidenGear :P
      Some are really suspicious people D:

      Til get rdy to meet each other D;<
      ~~ForeverPewdie'sSis~~ :brofist: :brofist:
      DNT BE A BARREL THO D:<!!!

    • Well you know even in real life.You can live with someone for years and still don't know who that person is. But also people change with time wether you change or not so it's a all in or nothing. If you doubt you won't go anywhere.I guess this is why you have to act cautiously with your act/choice. Though you probably don't want that to stop you because if you don't even try you won't go anywhere. Question is do you want to ride the train or stay on the bench?
    • The pendulum swings both ways in this area,I suppose.Whichever way you look at it,you do see some very valid points.
      @theinsaneturtle I think I'd rather ride the train if you ask me.It's tough because I agree with both sides..Hmm,but I have had more IRL relationships than Internet relationships and I enjoyed both,so I don't really know how I feel about this topic** other than this "If you're happy I am happy,be careful,don't do things you'll regret,and stay safe online because you never know who's hiding behind that computer screen." I'm not saying I would ever do it,but you never know,things change all the time!! :)
    • theinsaneturtle wrote:

      seems like it is a bad idea xD

      ClockWorkMaidenGear wrote:

      @theinsaneturtle It really can be if you aren't careful enough.But that is why you always take safe,appropriate steps when communicating with people online.You don't really know who's behind what computer screen so cautiousness is key! :)

      In my opinion, maybe people nowadays are careful whom they open up to.. I mean, it's a lot of commitment to open up to a person.
      You tell them everything, your inner demons and stuff.. It's hard.
      But having this kind of relationship, sometimes it is easy, cause you connect mentally, not physically.
      I don't get people. XD
      "For I am invisible in the crowd of strangers, will you ever see me in this unending sea of faceless people? Or will you too, ignore me and let me drown in this sorrow, and be forever tortured by solitude.."

    • Wow, I really like the subject!

      I have had good and bad experiences, people that after some time, you can easily tell that they are kind of stalkers, psychos, cucus, you name it! lol, and also people that have been really cool but eventually we lost contact.

      Around 2 years ago, I went trough a crucial moment in my life and I needed to talk with my parents about something serious. One day I was on Facebook and I looked for a random person. I am from El Salvador and I found this guy from Australia and told him: "Hi, Im Danny, I need help, can we talk?" and he was super kind and cool and we talked about my problems for like 4 hours. We used to chat everyday and became really good friends. I have good friends IRL but I never had somebody I could call a Best friend, and Jordan became my best friend in whatever life you want. He gave me the courage to talk with my parents and I did and everything worked soo good. He also gave me great tips to get my girlfriend hahahaha. We Skyped a lot, was all fun. Jordan possibly saved me in ways he can not imagine.

      Around a year ago, Jordan stopped using his FB account and his cel phone was no longer active. I haven't heard of him all this time. I have no clue what happened to him, I just hope he is alive and well. I miss him very much, but whether I talk to him or not, I will always think of him as my best friend.

      I don't know, I think Im not adding to much to this topic, hahahaha.