What was your worst gamestop\ebgames experience?

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    • What was your worst gamestop\ebgames experience?

      What was your WORST EB games and gamestop experience with the people behind the counter? mine was that me and my cousin biked all the way to our local EB games (which was 2 km away) we arrived to the store only to figure out it closes at 8 PM and we arrived at 7:55 PM and they saw us AT the door xD but didn't bother to make a good extra 190 bucks xD (we were buying beyond two souls and the last of us remastered) and they TOTALLY just ignored us xD whats your experience? :D :brofist: :brofist: :?:
    • so i was with a friend at my house and we where bored so we decided to buy a game, we went running to the gamestop because we didnt know how to drive and there was nobody at home, when we arrived at the shop we selled a game i had because we didnt have money either so we tried to nuy a naruto game so we could play both, and well the game was like 25 dollars and we had 24 so i told the guy come on its just one dollar and he said nope, so we waited for a solution and stuff. at the end we couldnt buy the game and man i was tired so he left and we got all cranky and stuff.
      So yeah.... i hate gamstops
    • ThatDudeBroGuy wrote:

      I don't like gamestop because even though me and my friends are obviously above the age of 18, they still card us when buying mature games.

      Just a legal procedure. Nothing wrong with it imo. Better be safe than sorry.

      Also, I only have had good stories in a 'gamestop' in my neighbourhood. I had seen a nice 2nd hand game for like 15 eur, but @ the cash register I found out that I only had 10 eur with me, so I told the guy (who also happens to be the manager of the store) that I would be back to get the money. I felt really ashamed and such. After I came back, he was like "Hey, I lowered the price to 10 euros just for you!" I felt derped out and kinda went back for nothing. I am still grateful for the thing what he did.