The "Behind the scenes" of all the bros

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    • I'm 15
      A sophomore in highschool
      If it counts I got into this program: a year ago :) I got in for Digital Art
      I love drawing, gaming, and watching youtube~
      My favorite hobbies...lets see...track, basketball, field, horse back riding, gaming, annnnnnd I guess PewDiePie is a hobby if I play my cards right.
    • I'm from the USA (Pennsylvania to be exact). Still in middle school.. :P I do have a part time babysitting job (mostly volunteer work tho..) on Sundays and Saturdays. Also part of the anti bully program in my school, and in drama club. (btw if ya need an inspirational quote.. :D come to meh!) I do have lots of friends few who are as well on broarmy. I don't really have a social life tbh XD I mostly hang out with one group plus everyone on broarmy. I've been studying Egypt and its lifestyles for some time. When I go to college I plan on studying to be an Egyptologist which is partly why my grades are so good. Alongside having a good life I also have some bad parts.. For example my parents are divorced. I do see them both but its not really... Nice.. It gets annoying seeing them fight when they see each other so.. Anyway that's basically all you need to know. Any questions just ask :D ^^
      Drunk Security Guards - YouTube


      this video is just too perfect XD
    • Ok so my name is Plato (maybe you guessed it). I'm currently 17 and I'm about to become 18 in a few months. I attend a German school here in Greece. My target right now is to leave my country because I want to do a fresh beginning with my new life. My dream is to study abroad, in Germany, spcificaly in Munich. I want to study Videogames Engineering where I will learn how to create videogames. I hope my exams go well so that my dream comes true :D
    • Holy shit well I spend my days watching YouTube and listening to songs, draw a whole lot and me and my friends wanna do a cover for the song "Survive the Night" by MandoPony currently being bullied not for being a brony but because I am different I am a girl that hates dresses so basically a tom boy and people keep telling me "OMG DERP FNAF IS SOOOOO OVER RATED!" You think I give a shit? So one day I am just gonna say "So is your makeup you little fucked up prissy stubborn bitch" same thing for Doctor Who but fortunalty I am not being bullied for being a brony :pewdie:
    • 19
      College Freshmen
      Sleep (You learn that this is the best when you get to college)
      Smuggling fruit from the school cafeteria I payed for it but I wanted to eat it in my dorm.
      Reading, Music (Band), Swimming, Writing
      Addicted to Cream Soda and Nutella
      I'm dying on the inside and he doesn't seem to care
    • Welp,I'm 15 years old and I recently found out I've been promoted to the 10th grade so that's something ^^" hehe.I do nothing all day but go to school,get on the computer,play video games,read CreepyPastas,and hang out with my friends when I have time.I'm really social and always looking for new people to talk too,so I guess that's why I spend a lot of my time in chat rooms and forums and stuff.