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    • Bropocalypse

      Do you think the Idea "Bropocalypse" is good? 6
        Yes (3) 50%
        Poods :D (3) 50%
        No (0) 0%
        Give me more time (0) 0%
      Have you ever thought what it would be like there for to be a Bropocalypse?
      An apocalypse that is formed of Bros not Zambies......
      Lets do a poll
      If you think that a Idea of a "Bropocalypse" is a good idea press that vote button Bro! if not welp darn
      *If i get enough votes I'll try to make a video composed of Bros and If pewds like it (I think it would be funny) Well Its a SUCCESS! :D

      Lastly... BROFIST