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    • So to everyone on here, I have been hired by a comic and manga production studio, a small one, but good one, called YggDrasill-Studios, and one of my first jobs with them is replacing the previous writer of their Kougetsu series.

      We are in the era of feudal japan, our protagonist is a lone wolf, a fearsome samurai known as "Akai Katana" however, Katana now seeks once more her former master , and for that reason she returns to her childhood village , BUT , in the very moment she steps into the village weird events start to taking over the place , all the people in the village seens to be "possessed by the dead" . what could be the reason of this?

      Kougetsu an Original Comic Series on Inkblazers.com

      The plot will be a lot better than it is, now that I'm writing for it.
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    • Okuu wrote:

      Looks interesting, hope you keep us or atleast me updated.

      Will do. But until further notice, it's on a slight hiatus since my artist has finally started work on my actual, original manga that I've been a part of since the start. Nightmare Overdose. A story about this kid cursed before birth to have the powers of Hades and Hell, and will work bringing all sinned souls to Hell.