Stowaway: Unreal Engine 4 Horror Game ( DOWNLOAD NOW )

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    • Okuu wrote:

      MonkiVirus wrote:

      Sharing it around is just as helpful,
      I'm sure you know someone with a big wallet :P

      Thanks for the support though,
      Leaving comments and bumping threads is like an endless advert, and thats the kind of support we need :)

      Maybe I know someone with a big wallet, but it doesn't mean that the wallet is filled. xD

      Aha, don't tell him then... No cheapskates ;)
      Aha, JK sharing with anyone helps, the more people see it the larger the audience.
      Thanks :)

      Hugo Daniel wrote:

      This is amazing, I have some Dev friends in some gaming companies, I can show this to them :)

      Oh wow, Thats awesome thanks a lot,
      Really appreciate the support :) means a lot
      Thank you
      Check us out