Announcement Rules

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  • General Rules
    • Don't question the rules.
    • Have common sense.
    • Just because PewDiePie does something it doesn’t mean that you should follow his example.
    • Respect the mods.
    • Double accounts are not allowed and will be permanently banned. After 2 alt account, all of them will be banned [Including your first one].
    • If someone uses your account to break the rules, using the "but it wasn't me" excuse won't work.
    • Roleplaying or posing as someone you're not will get you banned, especially if your "persona" can be considered in any way offensive.

    • Swearing or vulgar text is not something to be taken lightly, or too seriously. we have very young fans here and it isn't a place to be spreading bad words. Don't be swearing too much.
    • No racist comments towards anyone. We would like to keep this a safe place for everyone.
    • You are NOT allowed to promote yourself by any means. Click for definition
    • No pornographic content of any kind. This includes images, videos, links and everything else.
    • No spamming. Click for definition
    • No flaming. Click for definition
    • No asking to be in the team.
    • No discussing who should be a mod or admin.
    • No one-word posts.
    • Speak English in the public areas of the forum [also applies to chat].
    • Your signature should to be shorter than the post itself.
    • Posing as a team member is a bannable offense.
    • Your profiles need to be Safe for Work. No explicit avatars or text.

    The rooms have been reworked and their purpose changed.
    Brochat: For normal conversations,no roleplaying allowed.
    Chill Room: For normal conversations, however /me commands are allowed [but don't go overboard with it]
    Roleplay: As the name suggests, this room is meant for roleplaying.
    • Keep the swearing down.
    • No racist comments towards anyone.
    • If you are going to argue, keep it in PMs or consult a Moderator,the chatbox is for talking not arguments.
    • No spamming. Click for definition
    • You are NOT allowed to promote yourself by any means. Click for definition
    • For links ask for permission before posting, and only post said link if permission is given.
    • Try to have a conversation and not shout Pewdie quotes constantly.
    • Speak English in chat. (Purposely using troll “English” is not permitted eg, Dolan speech and the use of "k" as a reply)
    • For Roleplays, please use the appropriate section/room. (Alter egos, split personalities and such are considered Roleplaying)
    • The color you pick for the chat has to be readable. No white,yellow and the like.
    • Keep it PG13, and avoid making sexual innuendos/double entendres. Click for definition
    • Limit emotes usage. Anything more than 3 in the same message is considered spam.
    • As an addendum to the previous rule, posting emotes several times in a row but in different messages is also not allowed. See Example 1.
    • Sexual-themed roleplays are not allowed.
    • No asking to be in the team/ how to become a moderator
    • Posing as a team member is a bannable offense.
    • Don't post lyrics.
    • Wall of text are not allowed, especially if unrelated to the conversation.
    • Word filters are there for a reason. Don't use foreign characters or spell the word differently [or incompletely] to go past them.
    • Keep the caps lock down to a minimum.
    • Users are allowed to have a normal conversation in the Roleplay room, but if people express the will to start a roleplay users that are there only to talk should move to one of the other rooms.
    • The team is not responsible for anything that happens in private rooms.
    • The team reserves the right to look into Private Chat Logs should an user report suspicious and/or harmful behavior.
    • Only upload images you own.
    • No pornographic/gore content.
    • No provoking content.
    • No pictures with people in them that haven't agreed on showing them on the internet. (except screenshots of videos with facecams for example)
    • No self pictures unless they are related to something different than showing your face as well.
    • No Youtube thumbnails.
    • If you are the creator of the image you uploaded, provide proof.
    • The Gallery is not an image board. Keep your anime pictures out of here.
    • Do not add your birthdays in the calendar. They get added automatically.
    • Do not use the calendar to advertise your YouTube/Twitch channel or anything like that.
    • If you want to submit an event,fill out all the fields.

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  • Definitions

    Self promoting - The act of gaining publicity for yourself and your products. This includes your YouTube video(s), your channel, any kind of content that you create, etc.

    Spamming - Spam is sending the same message indiscriminately multiple times. This includes the use of emotes/emojii’s and links. The general limit for emotes is 3.

    Flaming - Starting an argument / harassing people in chat or on the forums to annoy people.

    PG13 - Keep the chat safe for children, Avoid sexual topics, and keep the swearing to a minimum.

    Sexual Innuendo - When something you say is meant to be totally innocent & it sounds terribly sexual.

    Double Entendre - A word/phrase that has two meanings, which is usually dirty/sexual. Avoid that.


    Example 1 -

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