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    • This is just dumb. I'm sick of this stupid drama. fuck maker, fuck all those selfish cunts who made this happen. I mean, first we were told that this was going down , then that it would merge with the new website, and now it is actually going down just because?! and the staff... god, that's stupid.. WHY??

      Maker studios...Fuck You...And your dollar bills. because that's what matters, right?

      It is actually really sad, being one if the oldest members here! Also frustrating because it feels like they were playing us.
      (sorry for being rude, fellow members. fuck maker)

      I bet you can't click that dancin' Buu

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    • It honestly saddens me that this is happening, and I'm only on the forums MAYBE once a month. As for the TeamSpeak, I'm on everyday. It's sad to see all the mods go because they are all friends, also. Maker Studios needs to be DDOS'd, which is probably impossible seeing as though they're so out there for money they have enough security to protect it. Either way, I hope people boycott the Maker's sight, maybe even start one of our own?
    • oh.


      I didn't read this thread before so I was like "why is this a problem" and then this.

      I hope you people keep the sections. If anything is changed to the way I don't like it then I'm gone.

      Any cool peeps I met on here who I know, don't be afraid to add on steam. (It's in my signature)

      colonel, we managed to avoid drowning!

    • Well, since this new update, most of the people I talk to will be gone, my posts will be gone, the rp's, the forum games, the mods, everything that was so awesome is now disappearing.....................this is dropping my stay here to a minimal of -1/10, thank you makers for launching a nuke to our destruction.

      Symmetry is Everything ~Death the Kid

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    • ...
      I don't even...

      I don't even have that many swears to cover up everything I have to say to this shit right now. I don't even think there is that many languages. Maker assholes: I would like to say that I am thrilled I managed to meet some sweet ass people around here until you party poopers came around. I'll be polite enough and say that you can stick your new updates, and your new page, and your new money maker into your sorry ass. Deeper the better. That is the most polite way I can humiliate my "swearing rich" vocabulary with. It might be a bit early to express it but I'll probably forget it later cause already I don't give a shit any more. Lobo loves all you people around here that rock big time \m/

      And to Maker and all others deep in Maker's ass (so I don't forget when this all sinks), without the further ado...

      FUCK YOU!

      On the outside I may appear like an emotionless sarcastic piece of shit, but just like an onion, when you peel off more layers, you find the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.

      If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!
    • What the fuck. Way to fuck it up, gg Maker Studios. I've been pissed off because of this site but way to blow it to a new level. Being here since the day it came on is amazing but it's fucked now. You'd think you'd also be able to transfer accounts, apparently not. R.I.P Vics, Dano, Flamez3, Xebaz, and mKeRix. Cya guys, add my skype if you're on here often: shakenfoe

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    • Well, then. Looks like this forum's going to get completely fucked over. This is what I, and probably everyone else, was afraid of since the beginning.
      [I've never sworn out of anger on ANY forum whatsoever, so consider this a god-damn achievement.]

      But will anyone important listen to our protests, though? Here's what I'm betting on: FUCK NO.

      I have ZERO hope that anyone will pull their head out their asses, see the obvious hatred and actually miraculously see reason.
      It was nice while it lasted, but I'm not likely to be returning after the update. Since, basically, I have no reason to. I contributed little to this forum, and will not likely do so in the future.

      TL;DR: I'm out. Fuck everything. And above all, Fuck Maker. Way to fuck it up, guys. That is all.

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.
    • NZ Stephano wrote:

      Silence wrote:

      Guys, Maker's dudes are just puppets...

      Someone told them to do this...

      You can blame this guy and his attempts to shove his name down our throats:

      Basically everybody who has been a long-time forum member is now taking to torches and pitchforks against this one queer-shit of a man (and Maker, or course).

      wait so wer? wer blaming pewdiepie? and the maker? im cunfuse here

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    • Summary of the situation.

      er ? wer blaming pewdiepie? and the maker? im cunfuse here

      Ahem, let me explain the situation.
      Mr. Kjellberg here has these (mostly unknown) forums, where a lot of people are doing funny stuff together. But it all changed when Maker Studios took over the place... They now want to change their platform. But by doing that, they need to erase every single user made thing because of the accounts that will be reset. Galleries, threads, posts, roleplay stories, and even the Guide will be burnt to ash. Nothing will stay. That's why some people don't find it necessary to stay. All the usernames must be retaken, the structures need to be rebuilt...
      And, because Mr.Kjellberg must have gotten the notice of Maker Studios, but didn't say anything about it, it's him to blame as well.
      Maybe we can make some kind of a restructured, failed image of the old forums, but not everything can be saved. All the threads, blogs and whole accounts will be deleted. Not even the moderators and admins will stay. Two will. The rest needs to be chosen. But who is going to take responsibility for the wipeout?

      The ones who execute it and the one who didn't give a damn about what will happen to the original forum members.

      Also. I'm going to stay here, as a ghost mostly. Because when even this forum has no soul anymore, it still needs a mind who can at least bend it in the correct ways. And when no-one is going to stay, not even moderators, there still needs to be one who is willing to steer this ship. So, I say, if this ship needs a captain, then there will be.
      Soulless or not. I will be watching. This Mystery ain't over yet.

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