Favorite memories on the forum?

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    • I haven't even been a member on here for a full year yet and I've disappeared for about four months while I've been here, so I don't have too many memories on here as I'd like, but I'd say getting to know the people in general, and the fact that you are able to interact and get to know the people on here. People reached out for help, for advice, and I loved being able to help people, even if I didn't know them. It means your taking part in trying to help save someone. Many members looked to these forums as a way to reach out for help because they felt depressed, and trying to help them fight through it was a blessing.
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    • My favourite memory is coming back here after so long and being welcomed in, like I was family. It's not often that happens, and it's quite amazing that it did. I still hardly know anyone, but I still love coming and love the community. I hope it continues to live on elsewhere.
    • I loved correcting Emily's spelling and reading about everyone's stories and games and stuff. I loved just talking to people on here in general, we're like one huge *sometimes* happy family! You guys are so creative and kind, and funny. I can't believe this might be the end. If it is, then *big group hug*
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    • Two words: awesome people :3 seriously you all rock big time.
      And ofc hilarious posts I used to stalk >:]
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    • The fact that I stumbled across this forum by mistake, got welcomed in a nice way, met some great people (especially RebelNinja and Cirno (Jordan Molendijk) ), actually seeing Felix + Marzia play a game that I suggested which was exciting as fuck (Get on Top, see the description) , getting praise, getting criticism (banned once :( FAK u XEBAZ).

      Everything was a fucking blast guys/gals/ducks/golden statues. I loved it all.
    • I met lots of awesome people on here, as well as I'm sure most others have. I've had arguements on here, as well I'm sure many many others have had. I've made friends from here, Met my girlfriend on here, Sini (Shinink), who I love very much. So its sad to see this place go, but when alls said and done, the site was starting to slowly go down hill in matters of people online and joining. So, it makes sense as to why its going down, but its sad to see it go. Everyone that wants to stay in contact with me, already has gotten in contact with me, and if not, add me xD. But, this site is going some place different, maybe not down, but somewhere, and where ever that is, i'm not following. So goodbye to those I barely knew, and hi to the friends that want to stay.