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    Izzybels - - PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator


    Not sure of intentional but the beards on the pewdiepie heads are at a different level like the one with the backwards hat needs the pixels on the beard to be moved down as it's up to his eye. Also there is a difference in colour between the heads on the beard, shouldn't they be the same colour? Also when you rotate Maya her eye changes place, the one she got uh removed.

  • Great idea! Wall shelves that you can put at any height and put small items (plants) / animals on it. Really curly hair (not wavy - not an afro), walls / floors/ desk that are marble ? (Not sure if it's a thing yet, I'm level 16), cowplant from sims?, white walls - not cream. Customisable coloured items like we could change the colour of the cat etc. Mobile phone accessory? I like the tablet, nice touch. Conversion of currency like views to brains?? to bux?? and vice versa, etc. as I have 4 brai…