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  • The end of Pewdie n' Friends - - News


    Thank you for this site and yeah, it has been a while that I haven't come back. But then, the Project Thank You will still continue for those who could still keep contact. Just join the WPC and then we can settle the PTY requests there. Will miss this place! Goodbye~~~ PS: The Dancing Pikachu will now disappear too. I crie. PSS: Links to Discord Servers: WPC (Weaboo Protection Center) Discord INVICTUS (Comeback) Discord

  • Hey guys, how's things been? - - Chat Box


    EBE-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Miss ya soooooooooo much~

  • Favorite Time of the Day? - - Real Life


    My favorite time of the day is in the morning. Why? LAZY DAYYYY~ Whats your favorite time of the day?

  • Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice | 16Personalities i got ADVOCATE! INFJ Personality (“The Advocate”) | 16Personalities How about you guys?

  • What is your favorite drink? - - Real Life


    Mine is just a simple glass of cold orange juice. How about you guys?

  • the first game that I ever played is Pokemon Blue How about you guys?

  • I watch movies with my sisters and/or friends also work. work and work and work!

  • Thanks but I'm just asking an opinion about it, so yeah ^^" I'm sorry. Anyways, thanks guys for this! Mods, you may delete this thread now.

  • @LittleJayBerry = Guess so. @Isaiah Kun = remember. we still have a mission.

  • Actually the experience is quiiiiite traumatizing. Ask the Mods. Ask Zed, Shadow and Lee. Ask Terrion. They know what happened. Mostly, ask those who stayed here for a long time. They know what happened. The mods did a great job though, but still. I haven't healed much from those wounds.

  • I need people to protect me. I'm still scared...

  • hey guys. It has been a while. For those people who don't know me, Im fluffy and no, i am not literally fluffy, but i'm fluff (okay that doesn't seem to go anywhere O_O"). So I used to be a very active member here and it was fun, those days. Right now though, i became inactive because of what happened before (ask the admins if you want to know...if you dare). But still, i want to meet new people again, but being inactive will be an unavoidable case for me. Anyways, from the title, is returning b…

  • Fallout Shelter! - - Games


    it was actually a fun game and playing it is pretty fun and strategic. Do you talk about your vaults with friends, @mKeRix? Quote from mKeRix: “I played it briefly on the day it launched for Android. My first gripe with it is that you can't move rooms or delete rooms that are connected to two other rooms... I should probably start over to ensure a good design for my vault. ”

  • Fallout Shelter! - - Games


    Hey guys! Anyone playing Fallout Shelter here? Let's talk about it!

  • Favorite Cookie? - - Real Life


    What is your favorite cookie? Mine is Oreo cookies! Hehe Come on! Let's have a cookie day!

  • I do get jelly at times when im in the mood to get jelly. It depends on who is flirting and stuff. But then most of the time, i get jelly with the things people do. They excel better than me in some stuff and i get extremely jelly there. If i get jelly with a person's skill being higher than me, I either: 1. learn/improve in that skill until im better than them 2. ill improve my current skill sets and create a new skill better than them 3. beat them in anything.

  • Nitendo 3ds Gamer - - Other


    Cool! XD Friend code is in the pokemon card! XD

  • Awesome gameplay, especially the Villager. He's like, "Imma kill you all and I dont give a thing about it!" XD

  • Pokémon version X and Y - - Other


    I actually love the gameplay more than any other pokemon series. Usually, i love the minigames in Pokemon such as contests.

  • Scribblenauts for DS - - Other


    Super Scribblenauts is waaaay better XD But then the newer scribblenauts is cooler on the 3DS XD