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  • Quote from gamer_rye: “thank you @risker360 and bros for this event! sadly my family had plans for the other 2 days so i wasn't able to join but needless to say i honestly had lots of fun even just on the first day playing CAH with you guys we should definitely do this again. PS. where's my CAH trophy? i didn't ghost like @Lilo and her accomplices plus i won with the "dead parents" card, remember? xD jk ” I noted it and you will get your trophy for that everyone that participated will also get t…

  • And the last day has come to a close. Thanks to all that turnt up, it was a fun and hilarious weekend. Sorry to those that couldn't make it, I will do another soon so keep your eyes peeled! Happy Easter and take care of yourself bros!

  • Hope you're all having a lovely easter. How many chocolate eggs did you get? Last day of the event is about to be underway, start making your way to teamspeak! See you there!

  • Today was another great laugh! Tomorrow I want to play a private League of Legends game so can people please download it in advance. Hope to see you there!

  • Second day of the playdate has started. We started with tf2 and then we're moving on to league of legends so, hop on teamspeak if you want to join the fun! biggrin.png

  • Okay bros, not long now. I'll be on teamspeak at 5pm to setup, I will see you then! Prepare your best jokes for this weekend!

  • It's almost Easter weekend!! Are you bros ready for an AMAZING playdate? ofcourse you are! On Friday, we should get on teamspeak at 5pm (GMT +0 Standard time) and we will start preparing our first game! The schedule is likely to change depending on who shows up so don't worry if you think you won't like the games, it's worth turning up for a laugh and we will try to setup and play a game you want to play! Looking forward to seeing you then!

  • Looking like it's going to be a great laugh! If some games on the schedule are not on a day you're free we will call votes on the day to try get everyone's favourite game played. It's better to play this by ear since we do have the whole weekend to play!

  • Please let me know what times are good for you bros and i'll sort out a good average

  • Ofcourse. Everyone's Welcome! Suggest some games if I haven't listed them already

  • As it get's closer to the time i'll sort a proper schedule of sorts. So, everyone keep suggesting the games they want to play. I wanted to give people more opportunity to join the fun so that's why we have the whole weekend for the event. This gives us slightly better possibilities in terms of game flexibility. So one day can be dedicated to a more competitive group of games then next day can be light hearted/jokey games for example. Will keep you all updated anyways so keep checking in to see a…

  • Hello Jonnii, we will all be playing together. You and others that want to participate will choose the games we want to play. They need to be free to play really so more can join in but if enough people request a game that is not free we can play that also. I have no issues with you recording but it would be better to ask people during the event.

  • Heya Bros! It's been a couple years since we all did an event and thought it was about time we do another!! We're gonna make this playdate even BETTER than the last! I thought what better way to kick this off than another holiday setting, and since halloween was the last, why not try an EASTER playdate! So, this playdate is basically a house party but instead of a house, we use teamspeak (mic preferred but not crucial) and instead of a party, we play games together! Sounds AMAZING I know! The sc…

  • The people that attended the party should now have a shiny trophy now. If you did turn up and play but haven't received your trophy, leave a comment here and we'll get on it. Thanks again everyone, You're all amazing!

  • Thanks to all those that turnt up, It was really fun playing TF2 with you all. For those that couldn't make it, I'll still be around for a few hours after, so if you still want to have a few games, let me know here and we'll try have a mini sesh setup

  • I updated the post with the schedule bros. Hope to see you all there

  • Hey Bros! Hope you are all well. Since the Smite event, there hasn't been a lot going on between all of us! so I was thinking of holding a monthly, or if it gets popular enough, weekly Community events with free games, so everyone can join in. Last time this came about was after the Smite games had finished, I asked a bunch of people if they wanted to get on Team Fortress 2 and we played for awhile. It was so much fun and I think we should all get on again, we'll 100% have a right good laugh! Co…