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  • PewDiePie is Listening

    Chipsflickan - - Bro Corner


    Quote from Raffee: “Quote from gamebunny: “i was super impressed with how he not only read the thread but also acknowledged the criticism. very few people as big and busy as he is would even bother spending a second on it. ” Yes, you're right. Not a lot of people would even bother to acknowledge their fans. I was impressed as well Quote from youarekitten: “Pewdiepie is relatively normal, and nice and honest guy. He copes with the pressure from the fame well. I think people don't really realise h…

  • So many great awesome tips and ideas in this thread! Ive never gone through any deep depression, but Ive seen others and its sucks. Something that have helped me a lot when I've felt down, is to activate myself. Im definitely not a expert at this, but theres a ton of awesome positive things happening in our body by just taking a walk or working out, and to set up new goals and reach them, is one of the greatest achievement Ive ever experienced. You feel awesome about yourself, and I think loving…

  • Quote from TheAimGames: “It was well made, it hooked me from the beginning up to the end, editing was DAAAAMN amazing and I wish YouTube Red is available here so I can fork over $10 to watch the rest XD ” True bro its easy to tell its been a lot of hard work put into this! I found myself pausing and jumping back several times as there was so much activity going on all the time xD

  • How to send pewds fanmail?

    Chipsflickan - - Bro Corner


    Quote from Luca Bassi: “I mean I think he had one. But, you know, 42 million fans are kind of too much to have something like that lol ” True I think he had one back when he was living in Gothenburg, and Italy when he did the Fridays with pewds?

  • Quote from Free Groovy Music: “"Sounds like a brilliant idea man! I got really exited for you as I kept reading your post haha! biggrin.png I've been working out for around 3 years and loving it as well! I would definitely recommend not investing to much money on supplement in the start. Im not sure about your age? but I assume you're young and healthy, In that case, I wouldn't buy anything. Spend your money on food instead! Again, if youre looking for something I would strongly suggest whey pro…

  • Why "Youtuber"?

    Chipsflickan - - Real Life


    For me recording has always been a huge passion of mine. Ive been using camcorders and making videos since I was very little. I made videos just for me and my friends, but eventually people in my surrounding got annoyed by me for just filming them all the time. I played a lot of Wow at that time, and when YouTube came around I had the idea of putting PVP tutorial videos on there to help people and the community. One thing lead to another and today I still makes videos. For me its just a passion …

  • Quote from Free Groovy Music: “Hello peeps, I was just curious wether there are some people in the bro army who go to the gym? I doesn't matter if you're already a 5 year gym beast or a 2016 resolutioner. We can help each other here with giving correct info, talk about experiences? Give some PR's, supplements, best clothing, etc About myself, I've been going to the gym for about 1 year. I've been the skinny guy all my life but I wanted to change something. I started my music channel and started …

  • Quote from Raffee: “It's actually possible to gain views and subscribers without getting any shoutout from a big YouTuber or collabing with fellow content creators. I've never gotten any shoutout nor have I collabed with anyone on YouTube, but I managed to get bigger because some of my videos (kind of) exploded in views (compared to the rest of my videos) because they got recommended in other related videos. Of course it's not an instant process. The only tip I can share is to keep making good-q…

  • What Happened to PewDiePie?

    Chipsflickan - - Bro Corner


    Ive notice the exact same things as you @Raffee mentioned, and I do agree! I've been watcing Felix for a long time, and knowing how long he has been around, I definitely think he should play around and try new things if he feels so. Since I like his style and type of humor I watch regardless of what he decides to upload. To be honest, Im glad Felix haven't done the decision of making another channel for vlogs and non gaming videos. That being said, I miss the LP's a lot! I just cannot wait for O…

  • Probably eat a lot of unhealthy food...Hooray! Wish I were smarter and making better drawings. Right now they all look the same, regardless of what im trying to draw

  • New years resolutions are awesome! Ill like to keep it simple so that its obtainable! For 2016 I want to eat more unhealthy food and be even more productive, and most importantly, offer a lot of value! Wish everyone the best on achieving their goals!

  • Shoutout Competition

    Chipsflickan - - Other


    I have to say that every entry and channel I have the chance to look into, look awesome! Everyone have their own awesome and unique style of making videos! And to be honest, it gotta be really hard for Felix to pick just a few out of all the entry's! As others have already mentioned, I've looked over my own channel a lot lately, to ask myself whether I should go more in this or in that direction Whats working and whats not! YouTube has always been about trial and errors for me. In the end, I thi…

  • Traditional media vs YouTubers

    Chipsflickan - - Media


    I think media is only doing this to provoke us gamers and youtubers to get angry and create a shitstorm = Win for them. So instead of being angry and making out of it, we should just ignore and move on we know the truth in the end anyways

  • Hey Mex, There is definitely a horror that Ive been waiting for - for a very long time now, Outlast 2. I cannot wait to watch Felix freak and scream once again. My favorite horror of all time, should be out fall next year, according to the studio

  • if HL3 is mentioned in this game IM BUYING :O

  • Webcam on OBS

    Chipsflickan - - Technology


    Brilliant answer from Gamer_rye. If youre still having issues I recommend watching a tutorial on it on youtube! theres hundreds of easy step by step tutorials that teaches you even more awesome stuff about OBS Best of luck1

  • Best horror game

    Chipsflickan - - Bro Corner


    Quote from Bluelava6: “I've only been able to play the first half hour or so and it hasn't been all that scary yet. Though I've heard it's got an amazing story towards the end. ” From what Ive heard - and played, the game is BRILLIANT! I need to get back on this one! Let me know what you think so far

  • Quote from DevRoxToo: “Quote from MissFushi: “It's sad people try and profit off him and other big Creators. Educating the younger fans to not click on scams or fake videos is the best way to handle it. That and reporting videos. I always worry about the younger kids when I see those scam comments or accounts. When I was little I wasn't the wisest little pumpkin either. ” Thats the first thought that always comes to mind for me, too.Is the little children who look at the comment section 3: ” Wel…

  • Favorite Cookie?

    Chipsflickan - - Real Life


    Oh so exiting :3 In Sweden we got something called Ballerina. Simply GOLDEN. I urge anyone to try them out if you ever get here >:D

  • Quote from p0llux: “Well, every YouTuber has his own type of character. Pewds has one of the "Specials". That doesn't mean he has no haters but he attracts the 70% of the audience. How do you think small YouTubers became big Youtubers? They had a good type of character which most of the people liked ” That is a good point p0llux. The YouTuber's personality is what make me subscribe in first hand.