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  • I love all the games in the Indies vs PewDiePie website so far! It's amazing that they got to finish those games in time. And I love that you're supporting indie games. Stay awesome, Pewds! Brofist!

  • I love this video. XD Cartoon Pewds is really so kawaii. I remember watching the video where he played the Kim Kardashian game and really just repeating the part when he said "good for you". XD I love how he says it. So much sarcasm in his voice. Loved the baking simulator one as well.

  • Anthony and Kalel (even though they broke up). Also, Charlie (charlieissocoollike) and Emily.

  • I think it's because she started her channel after she and Pewds started going out. Like how Kalel (Anthony from Smosh's ex-fiancee) got a lot of hate saying she only got famous because of Anthony. Anyone can clearly see that Marziaworks really hard to make her videos and I honestly love her content. I don't find her boring at all. I think it's also because some of the people who watch her videos came from Pewds so they were a little surprised at how different their videos were. /rant I just wan…