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  • Quote from Herthes: “The fact about the kitchen is a old joke... about sandwich... but mah girls are good on video games and I actually prefer playing with girls ( but I don't really know alot.. ) than boys because well, i don't like the mentally of boys. ( I mean not EVERY but like 90% are just mean.. or just flame peoples and stuff like this )” Yeah, I find I don't like playing online games with guys either, unless I personally know them. Although it does bring a sense of accomplishment and a …

  • I hate it when I'm playing some game online (Halo, COD, Dead Island, etc) and people actually enjoy playing the game with me, until they ask me what my gender is. When I say that I'm a girl they're instantly like "Oh, what's a girl doing on this game?". The whole 'girls are bad at games and shouldn't play them' thing really irks me. Another thing I hate is when dudes tell a girl to 'get back in the kitchen' like we're their cooking slaves or something. Luckily I haven't personally received that …

  • It looks so stoned but at the same time I just want to brush its fur o3o I love the bouncing puga in your signature x3

  • Quote from Lolnus: “Haha thanks I suppose xD This one is a picture of me (to the right) and my girlfriend (to the left) just before we ran a "race" called the colour run, it's super fun What's that in your avatar?” It's the face of an Espurr (from Pokemon) x3 ImageProxy

  • Quote from Lolnus: “Quote from MuddyDragon: “Bruh, nice ears c:” I'm changing avatar every second, can't decide xD So are you” All your avatars are lovely x3

  • Bruh, nice ears c:

  • I guess it really depends on if she chooses to accept or ignore these hate messages. If she knows that she's a good person, who does great things and shouldn't change a thing about herself for anyone then the hate shouldn't really bother her. It's when people start listening and accepting that hate, that they start doubting themselves and start feeling down. Like I said, best thing we can do is send positive messages and outshine the haters.

  • I'm here for you

    MuddyDragon - - Real Life


    Let me just say that this is really sweet of you. It's good to know we have some nice, kind-hearted people doing good things for others in this world. People like you are so rare to find these days.

  • Great avatar

  • Honestly I don't think Marzia or Felix deserve any hate, both do so much and worked so hard to get to where they are now. It really, really pisses me off to know that people give Marzia a hard time. But I guess the biggest solution is to just ignore those barrels, and we bros and marzipans should send Marzia and Felix supportive and kind tweets, just to balance things out and eliminate the negativity somewhat.

  • Quote from Incognito: “Quote from MuddyDragon: “No barrels, ducks galore, everyone does gaming as a job and we'd all hail our king Pewdie xD” Everyone games as a job? Then who will do all the important stuff like produce food? Our food supply would run out eventually. We'd never make it. ” I know, I was simply being silly and indulging in a fantasy x3

  • If Pewdiepie was a Animal

    MuddyDragon - - Bro Corner


    I know everyone (including Pewdie) jokes that he's a duck, but I see Pewdie as more of a dog x3 He just has that funny, happy, hyperactive personality of a puppy.

  • Cry

    MuddyDragon - - Feedback


    Pewds and Cry still do stuff together. As Incognito said, they did an Amnesia Co-op and lemme tell you, it's pretty freakin' hilarious. Youtubers don't always have time to do collabs with others, but they still do

  • No barrels, ducks galore, everyone does gaming as a job and we'd all hail our king Pewdie xD

  • It would be totally amazing if he did! I mean, if he ever came to Perth, Australia I would fricking RUN to the city to try and see him xD But with bros in so many different countries all over the world it would prove to be difficult, even stressful. I think our best bet is to just fly over to vidcon whenever he's gonna be there and hope we see him lmao.

  • Coolest games Pewds played :)

    MuddyDragon - - Bro Corner


    Personally I really, really loved when he played InFAMOUS: Second Son and Nightmare House.

  • Would have to be "How To Train Your Dragon 2" c: Oh the feels in that movie.

  • Why do you love pewds?

    MuddyDragon - - Bro Corner


    I can honestly say; everything. Not only does he excel in making videos, he makes them for us. His reactions are hilarious, the games that he plays are entertaining, he makes awesome collabs with other awesome youtubers and he does a lot for charity. Whenever I am feeling down all I need to do is hop onto Youtube and watch his videos, and I'll cheer right up. No matter how down in the dumps I am, his videos can always, always bring a smile to my face. Pewds brings joy to his bros, and he genuine…