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  • Title, Tags, Description, Engaging content. Put relevant tags accordingly to what your video is about. No point making a cute cat video and adding the tag ''brofist''. Try to think of titles and tags where there isn't so much competition from other creators, but still has some decent traffic. Also if you put the best titles, tags and description that puts you on the top of the search results but your content is shit and not engaging, your video will end up having the lowest watch time compared t…

  • Any advice/opinions?

    PINEHONEY - - Help


    Hey guys, so I am facing a bit of a dilemma. So I decided to change the structure of the content I produce for my channel about a month ago from let's plays to commentaries of cringy/weird stuff on the internet (of course with gameplay playing in the background). What I noticed is that I have been getting a lot less views but a lot more engagement from my subscribers, I noticed how my subscribers seems to be coming back a lot more cause they genuinely enjoy the content, but it does not complimen…