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  • Brofist tattoo

    FewDryPies - - Bro Corner


    If you are sure you won't regret it in 10 years, why not It's not like there is text on it anyway. The heart with "PEWDIE" in it would be a bit more problematic

  • You Favorite Games?

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    RUNNING WITH RIFLES Door Kickers Besiege


    FewDryPies - - Suggestions


    Hello everybody, first of all "RUNNING WITH RIFLES" is meant to be written in caps, it's the same on Steam. Also don't be distracted by the game name This game is a military top down, open world shooter which the developers describe as mixture between "Cannon Fodder" and "Battlefield". RwR is hilarious and I could see PDP playing it as there is enough funny things that can be done in this game, even though it is very challenging The ratings on Steam are "overwhelmingly positive" so it's not just…