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  • Help with a rom hack

    dororo4evabro! - - Chat Box


    I am making a pokemon rom hack. With that stated, I am in need of A LOT of assistance. i am relatively new, and I can do map editing, team editing and sprite swapping (already in-game sprites, that is.). BUT, I need a bit of help. Specifically with things like scripted events, text boxes, and music insertion/ remaking. For example, i want to use the cipher admin battle theme for a team cosmo admin, but the soundfont doesn't add up with the rest of the game. This said, anyone wanting to participa…

  • Sure. Let me tell you something though, this has been PREDICTING the ciphers at the end of each GF episode that had not aird yet... using the F12 thing.

  • Flood: World reborn

    dororo4evabro! - - Content Creation


    OC Creation thread/ Discussion/commentary thread: Flood: World reborn Message theme: Every breeze brought boredom and just plain impatience to Earlich. How long could it possibly take for the message to get around? Other than the seemingly infinite ocean being the ONLY way to travel from place to place nowadays, especially after the great flood 176 years ago... It was an average day, and almost everyone lived in the vallies of mountains or simply out of plains. Th…

  • search for the blindeye What? The text is a bit for me to get through, but could someone give a quick overview?

  • It is easily the most terrible steaming pile of shit. They didn't even care to follow any actual mario plot (as in no mushroom kingdom; just brooklyn, I think... its been too long) and they are mario and luigi... you guessed it. Due to being the "Mario brothers" their last names are mario.

  • ... You have obviously never seen the mario brothers movie... That abomination needs to burn in hell.....

  • A more common one would be metroid... Metroid does have a surprisingly complex and odd (as in a lot of people are trying to figure it out still) but despite making for awesome action, a movie isn't exactly the way to go. Im not trying to say that this is a terrible idea or anything, but it isn't something that would respond well, at least for most of todays people (including its fandom... I thought about this once, but almost everyone I know told me this kind of thing... And I realized its true)…

  • Oh yea... he did say body. Either way, there is only one earlobe, but I could see that as something that could still get confused.. but your earlobes are just fat, right?

  • My only real problem with this is again the whole seeming like its just fan service and not really HIS thing anymore... Imagine if they gave Asura's Wrath A movie... Despite its amazing plot (and the fact that it is essentially a movie), And that there needs to be more explaining of the demigods and whatnot (and how they are part bot), it would make for a TERRIBLE movie... some things are better left as they are.

  • If you are trying to make a mike tyson joke, you are off by a decade (Literally.) but the phone guy in the first game goes on to talk about how "its amazing how the human brain can survive without the entire frontal lobe."

  • This is not to be in the RP section... But I have to go against what you said about them being all the same. Oculus was a game changer, what with a mirror (something you expect to haunt in every movie) being what is behind everything (I think) and with new prequels and what not, that help explain the lore and the extent of the occurrences of the movies. And next to no HORROR movies have zombies or vampires... most today actually explore more into the human psyche, and really get into our heads. …

  • You have to admit, at least the scene in Kai (kai specifically, I strongly dislike the old voice actors) where gohan flips out on 2nd form frieza is pretty well done (especcially when using the original soundtrack ). The games are pretty well made, too.

  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse

    dororo4evabro!!!!!! - - Games


    Just who do you guys think should be in it? Personally, I think tapion is a must, and, if not a new fighting style, then his BT3 moveset, including super attacks and such, which should also become available for user created characters to use or wear his clothes or whatever. Do you hope to make your own fighting style/ super attacks? Any gameplay you think should be added/edited/removed? Just talk about xenoverse here! In my opinion, it would be cool yet confusing to make your own fighting style …

  • Minecraft Modder needed.

    dororo4evabro!!!!!! - - Archive


    Hello, everyone. im really just gonna cut to the chase. about a year or two ago, i made a minecraft mod idea that seemed to get (almost) nothing but good reviews. now, due to software complications (trying to understand windows 8, since my last pc was xp...) i havnt been able to post more idea vids, but it would please both me and alot of the people who viewed the video to possibly at least work on the mod. i can understand if it does not appeal, or if it may be a bit too complicated, but this i…

  • let me call my other father, chuck norris. or should papa slendy take care of it? seriously, though. i know a few weakpoints of the human body andthat speed> brawn. if you can dodge his attacks, a quick two- fingered jab to the stomache would knock the wind out of him, unless hes... pudgy. in that case, try and kick that bone at the back of his foot. thats about all i know. i know this was a long time ago, but this is information i want to pass on.

  • like this…SwordoftheLegionnaire.png

  • how about hide a knight as a mini-boss each level, and when you kill him pewds will say: "I DONTTRUST YOU!" and you will get somthing like pepe' and at the end you can fuse those items for an epic weapon.

  • who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was???