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    Ryan Parker - - Videos


    OH MY GOD I JUST FUCKING DIED!!! I LOVE You Bro. Here's a Bro 4 Life Pewds. You Rock, and You Inspire Me Daily. And You've Honestly Helped Me Attain Greater Health of Mind... Just because I Watch These Stupid, and AMAZING Videos You Make. YOU Stay Awesome Bro. And Thank You, Sincerely. I can be HAPPY just knowing that these CRAZY Random thongs can do GOOD: And I can FINALLY just be ME and Alright with it. You've made Me LAUGH whilst on the Verge of the Unthinkable... And I Find Brighter Days on…

  • It's Actually #1 on My Bucket List to have an Actual, Honest, Normal conversation with Felix Kjellberg for about an Hour. At the End I would Express My Gratitude that He Changed My Life by Showing Me that it's Okay to be Weird and Eccentric (Which is how He Portrays Himself in Videos and is STILL so widely Loved) How He is in His Let's Plays is how I am in Reality. So I'd thank Him for Showing Me that it isn't something to be Hated and that it's Alright to be that Myself, and be Myself regardles…

  • Pewds Appreciation

    Ryan Parker - - Bro Corner


    I just wanted to start a Forum where We express Our Gratitude to the Bro Prime (First of the Bro Army and Founder thereof) in the Form of Sharing how and/or when/what He's done Specifically to be appreciated. Also: I'd like this to be, out of respect for Mister Kjellberg, Devoid of Idolization, "Hero Worship", and otherwise Implying that He's not a Normal Bro like the RestImageProxy of Us. So basically: Speak Fondly without making Him out to be Divine or Perfect? He's Inspired Me to be Myself, R…