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  • Poor Larry

    Rod - - Suggestions


    Hey bros I'd like to suggest a little game that my brother made if that's ok... I think it could be entertaining to see Pewds play it, I remember he asked for more rage games on a video last week, so here's one. It's called Poor Larry, and it's for mobiles. Taken from the AppStore: Quote: “Poor Larry tells the sad love story of Larry, a balloon whose girlfriend, Lola, passed away. He loved her so much that he now keeps trying desperately to float all the way up to balloon-Heaven just to see her …

  • He's humble, cheerful and overall just a really nice person. He wants everyone to be happy, and so he puts his ego aside and often times makes fun of himself just to bring a smile to other people's faces. How awesome is that?


    Rod - - Videos


    Funny RAGE games? Pewds, you gotta make a vídeo playing POOR LARRY. Poor Larry on the App Store on iTunes DO ET! DO ET NOW! ImageProxy ImageProxy