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  • I used to remember when that one was on, and it was the best. Once a Power Ranger, always a Power Ranger. Unless you go on to murder people.. then you can be called Blood Ranger. I'm a great ruiner of things that shouldn't be ruined.

  • The best games you have played

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    I'd have to say The Walking Dead: Season One. I haven't played the second season yet, but I ensure it is great. But the fact that you can choose what you say to domino later effects and the fact that it is so emotional.. It's amazing.

  • What Are Your Hobbies?

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    I have several. Drawing: I don't really draw a lot. Since I have an art class every Saturday, I just get a two hour chance each day. I mainly focus on black and grey fantasy creatures. Writing: I'm writing a book, kinda. I have all the ideas and such. Want it to be a horror type mixed with fantasy. Reading / Listening to music: Comes hand in hand. Usually they go at the same time. I have a bunch of books I have yet to explore, and my music is mostly Rock. My favorite band is Nirvana, so I guess …

  • How did Pewds change you bros?

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    Before I started watching pewdiepie, I guess I was depressed. Bullying and such other related things. I remember looking for horror gameplays on YouTube, then I found Outlast. I watched all of them and then moved onto Fridays with PewDiePie. I realized there was nothing for me to be sad about anymore, because he brought out the laughter in me. I realized that maybe one day I would be a fragment of fabulous like him. And I contracted his laugh.. yay for me. To the barrels.