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  • I get jealous pretty easily. But I've learned that communication is key; SO beating up whoever is flirting with my partner won't get me anywhere, but talking to them about it's affecting me will. Talking, listening, understanding, compromising and executing are all very important. You have to communicate your feelings and your thoughts, but you have to be willing to listen and take in everything your partner is saying, to understand what they mean. If there's a conflict it's imperative you come …

  • Songs stuck in your head

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    This song just makes me so happy... Firewoodisland - Dancing in a Teacup (Hidden Content)

  • :P Forums kinda slow nowadays

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    I kind of prefer it quieter.

  • A Good Let's Play Name?

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    I like that name! All that really matters though is how you present yourself and your name to make yourself really stand out in peoples minds. You have to be unique, have an entertaining personality, be witty and on your toes. Some of that will take time to develop so good luck with your channel!

  • Here's my best art from the past few years as kind a progression thing: ImageProxy 2012 - Quilava - ImageProxy 2014 - My OC in Minecraft - (Just posting the link. If you click, you'll see why) KJU9Oe5.png Early 2015 - Space: Repeating background for a mobile game, which is why it's 10,000 pixels in height. - ImageProxy July of 2015 - My Two Friends My style has changed a LOT over the past few years lol

  • I'd want to be a musician, an animator, or a graphic designer... ;-;

  • I was always the quiet kid. I preferred not to be in huge groups, or even small groups, and I still do. It's always better being alone with just one other person. As you can imagine, many kids found that really awkward. And well, Felix always had a way to make his videos personal. So when I started watching his videos, in the brief moments I would watch him play games or be stupid or listen to him just talk about things and be silly, I didn't feel alone. One thing I noticed was how casual Felix …

  • Favorite Band?

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    Right now, my favorite band is Firewoodisland c:

  • Probably burning. I feel like that would make the process move along a lot faster, although really... really painful.

  • When you go to the Forums, there should be a Forum called Videos: Videos There's a thread open for every video that Felix posts and you can "comment" on the videos here in the forums by replying to their specified thread. Is that what you were looking for?

  • Some times I feel like he's LESS open with us, actually... As if he's trying too hard some times, or being someone he isn't. And the guy above me mentioned that he makes less vlogs and I think as a result I'm not really as attached to the channel as I used to be. I don't like him any less, though... I understand he's human.


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    So my idea is CinnamonToastKen goes mad and takes over the world whilst under the influence of a mysterious super villain genius, possibly FalconLover. PewDiePie and Cryaotic have to restore the balance, restore what little sanity Ken had before his shenanigans, and battle the Falcon Lord and all his glory. Along the way, Pewds and Cry should meet significant characters like Mr. Chair, Piggeh, Jennifer, Stephano, Bengt the Ball, Edgar, Vespa, Sanic etc. that could give them tasks. The tasks coul…

  • I made this recently and I thought I should share it with you guys. I arranged the piece and played all of the instruments: Hi hat, bass drum, timpani, piano, cumbals, and of course, the cello.…vida-cello-instrumental-2 I know this isn't the best quality or even that good, but I put a lot of effort into it. Maybe in the future I'll fix it up, but for now, it's going to stay rough. I don't have fancy recording equipment or editing software, sorry.

  • Painting guitars

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    I love the Silent Hill one C: Very nice~!

  • Wich Game Made You Cry The Most?

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    So many games make me cry. The Last Of Us was really intense, though.

  • Where are you from?

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    My family is from the Philippines, but we live in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Does cry ever show his face?

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    No, he hasn't. But I'm quite annoyed by most of these responses because others seem making it sound like you care more about appearance, etc. You asked two questions and it's been answered, right?

  • Desktop Thread

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    ImageProxy I don't remember where I got my wallpaper x)

  • I've seen constructive criticism on the forums. I think the forums have been a great idea so far.

  • Pewdiebait

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    It's pretty pathetic.