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  • So if you haven't heard Activisions plans to release yet ANOTHER CoD: Black Ops game. This will be the third one in the series. Does anyone still buy those games? I stoped at CoD Modern Warfare 3. I've played Advanced Warfare and it was a bit fun for about 2 hours when playing with friends but that's it. If anyone is still pumped about CoD games just give me or anyone that used to be a fan of the franchise a good reason why I should buy their game...

  • favorite school subject

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    At school we learn about algorythms and computer programs so I have to go with Computer science. My second would be Math. We learn about functions most of the time and a bit about complex numbers. Good stuff!

  • I think I was 9 or 10 years old when I started having a more "technological" interest in computers. I opened my first computer at 13

  • Well I'm not and a huge fan of the series but I've played Final Fantasy IV on the PSP, Final Fantasy V on Gameboy SP and I really want to try Final Fantasy X. So Final Fantasy XIII now. I heard many people didn't like it because I read a few reviwes and many saying "it has a long tutorial" and some other things that don't make sense. But what do you fellow bros think? In my opinion it's a great game with awsome graphics, fun old fashioned Final Fantasy type gameplay and an awsome plot with inter…

  • Meeting my ex... she was a bitch

  • Age: 18 Location: Greece Systems: PC Games: Planetside 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Guild Wars 2 (EU), Warframe, Dragon Nest (EU), League of Legends (not very experienced) in Nordic East, Garry's Mod, PAYDAY 2 Steam account: PlatonD[GR]

  • I'll be soooo screwed!!!! Nothing is on my left XD

  • First game you've ever played and when?

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    Ok soooooo... Were you very small and little when started? Was It recently? What did you play? I started with Super Mario World in 2001. I was 4 years old and it was FREAKIN AWSOME. Died a lot but that doesn't matter so much when you are a 4 years old brat

  • First of all I would put 500.000 dollars in the bank and keep them so that my children and future family could live normally and be asured. Then I would spend some money to buy a few things for myself and a few good presents for friends. The rest would probably go for charity.

  • what song are you hearing right now?

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    Post amazarashi 『季節は次々死んでいく』 ”Seasons die one after another” “東京喰種トーキョーグール√A” ED

  • Well just recently I heard that a game that I was really excited for has made its entrance for the PC on Steam. The well know Dragon Ball Xenoverse that came out on Steam last week. It's really interesting if you think that it is the first DBZ game that was officially published for PC by Bandai. And later this year One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 will also make its appearance in Steam. Does this happen with other games? Do you think PC gaming is taking over? It's not only that but there are also ot…

  • Just realised I didn't write about the best thing ever happened in my life. Well guess that would be when I learned that I passed my exams to enter a the German School of my city. I went through some really harsh exams to achieve a place in there. They might not be so difficult but the pressure and the rivalry are a lot for a 12 year old kid to handle. Still so glad to be where I am and I finally have a chance to leave my country. (still love my place and family ) BEST THING EVER HAPPENED

  • So cute and kawaii!!! <--- lel they are the same XD

  • "If they give you food, take it. If they want to hurt you, run away." - Me "To move the Earth we must first move ourselves." Socrates 470BC - 399BC "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, ..." Plato 428BC - 347BC "He was a wise man who invented beer." Plato 428BC - 347BC "The only way to do a great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

  • I can sense kidness with my telepathic powers

  • Whats Your Name Personality?

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  • Philosophy... what's yours?

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    Humans, animals, plants and micro organisms. We all live in harmony. How do you explain this? First of all I'm an atheist. God is just a creation of the human race to explain a few things that we couldn't explain otherwise. Now with the progress of science and technology we can search the truth as we never did before. As for real life and daily life. God will not help us. It's not like we pray and the *poof* it happened. If something went good is because of you. You made it go good. W make our l…

  • Tell About You

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    Well how can I describe myself? I am an optimistic person and I like to meet ppl. I am not very popular with ppl I meet but I have friends that are worth everything in the world. I am lazy as sh*t and I try to study as much as I can but with no success. I'm not very clever. I study and study and study again but sometimes it's hard to go on. Although I never give up I just take it easy. I need my time to learn something. I like videogames and anime. Not many ppl in my country like those things so…

  • Yeah I prefer to keep my body as it is. I mean ok It would be cool to have cybernetic enhancements but only out of need. If I were to lose a hand or leg anyways then I would say: "Bring that bionic arm right now". Cause I don't think it's a good idea to cut split your hand just for "fun"

  • Super Mario World, I think it was 13 years ago. Well of course we all know how it ended up. (Fell off the map )