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  • The Floor Is jelly

    DatWhiteGuyJ - - Games


    The simplistic feel and awesome music for this indie game is just amazing. Ive played it several times through

  • Quote from Max-: “Remember, self advertisement will not be tolerated anywhere here (contest being the only exceptions - and they have to be official). And there were around 3000 or so submissions in total, most of them were either breaking rules or posted in the wrong place. ” makes sense, around 700 rule breakers and misposts eliminated, then there are the videos not in spoiler tags and page long stories. Idk if non gaming channels are accepted entry's or not

  • Quote from cheesefund: “Quote from Mystery: “Felix will check all the submissions by himself. We have no clue how he will chose the winners, but it will be really random. He is all on it; the mod team has no influence on his choosing. ” This is good to hear... Kinda feel sorry for him going throooough all those submissions but thanks for dah info. Rest in Pepperoni's after this is done Pewds xD ” The Mods will only take care of the duplicate posters, the rule breakers and cheaters. If your post …

  • Whats Your Favorite Anime

    DatWhiteGuyJ - - Chat Box


    Oh god the question that has many answers. I'm gonna claim that Sao is my fav so far because of its Action, romance, its unique story and that Kirito represents my DND character Xavier in many ways.

  • No, considering there is roughly 2300 posts I noticed many people did not follow the template and rule regarding the spoiler tag. Numerous videos and channel were not about gaming, for which I assume are the channels hes looking at. Overall a sizable chunk are going to be deleted off increasing chances. its also going to depend on wether or not he deems the channel worthy of being presented to his bros.

  • What mic's do you use?

    DatWhiteGuyJ - - Technology


    Blue snowball. Good for podcasts with two or three people as well since it is an all round mic with decibel settings.

  • Luck to us all

    DatWhiteGuyJ - - Bro Corner


    I never knew Jack got his kickstart off pewds, He was a great choice. But when I was browsing posts I noticed many people didn't use spoiler tags. That cuts down on the amount of qualifying users. I dont know if anyone under the 500 subscriber threshold posted a submission. I think all of us have just as good of a chance as long as we give effort into our channels. I posted a montage of my funny moments from last year so I think it captures my channels feel. I just hope he looks at channels newe…

  • OYE or hello to all bros in the Forums. In this post like so many others I want to address those of you who are inspired to make their own YouTube Lets Plays. I know everyone and their mom has one of these "how to be a YouTuber" posts or videos but people still ask questions, one more cant hurt. NOTE: Please dont ask me or anyone to check out your videos for advice. As creators we strive to provide content that will entertain our viewers and give them something to look forward to next time they …

  • Shout Out Competition #3

    DatWhiteGuyJ - - Other


    Name: Jay Hall Channel name: JayDoseGaming YouTube Video: 2014 Summer Gaming Montage (Hidden Content) Quick Description: My channel is basically gaming and lets plays with my own personal flair. I've been posting since 2013 and I currently try and post at least once a week.