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  • Quote from NextGenPhoenix: “@Hadexicon Glad to have another fellow member of the rock loving family @Duke It's not weird at all makes me think of someone bursting through a window while skyrim music is being played :p ” Oh cool Part of the family!

  • Your favorite gaming era so far

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    This one for sure lol, i can play any game i want from any era with a PC and the inovations happening now are insanity , oculus rift? Hello? xD

  • Quote from Duke: “This sort of stuff usually goes in the Help section. ” Oh so i guess i chose correctly XD

  • YT events in RL

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    Quote from JoshFaceh: “I'm heading off to an event called FanFest today in Sydney. It's a bunch of bigger YT'ers talking at us from a stage or whatever. How many of you guys are pro YT community and support events like this if they're in your area? Honestly I'm not too interested in the event, but there are little meet-ups and whatever happening so I need to show mah support by attending ” I definitely support it, but i live in a small town so i doubt anything will ever happen with in a 300 mile…

  • Im looking for someone willing to do me some channel art? I could be willing to pay depending on the price but im not sure where to post this, if anyone could give me some help what would be nice!

  • The points are for getting ranks ETC if you go here: User Ranks Explained you can find the ranks and more info on them :p

  • Great great post, I agree totally with every point you brought up, i just need to upgrade my software pretty badly because i just use Camtasia, and yea it gets the job done, it separates audio, facecam and gameplay footage automatically which cuts my editing time basically in half, and makes editing a breeze, but sometimes even though i choose to use the rendering at 720P HD it sometimes comes out looking like i recorded the game on a trashcan with antennas so idk whats going on there, i doubt i…

  • What mic's do you use?

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    Blue Spark Digital, works great for me only problem is the plug is like SUPER sensitive so if i even slightly touch it it crashes my entire recording and i gotta replay the entire game,and if it a horror game well that entire series just got puched back like 9 months so i can forget how the game plays out xD Also have a rigged mic stand because my old one broke XD Image: ImageProxy

  • Same, but also some Soft core rock type stuff gets me pumpin

  • could be true Quote from jjustgreg: “Quote from MissFushi: “Has anyone else seen a boost in subscribers since posting their entry in the thread? I am on page 116 and the thread stopped at 117. I gained 26 subscribers today so far and am now sitting at 999 subs. I really think some of them came from people looking to see the last few entries and spying mine and coming to my channel. I could be 100% wrong about this but it's so coicidental since I entered RIGHT before the deadline. Anyone else exp…

  • Favorite Game - Hands Down

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    MicroVolts, it's a game where toys fight for battery in an on going battle to stay alive, it's quite fun for me being a veteran from beta, and having p2w not bother me but idk how new players are doing now days with the new development team only putting pay 2 use items in, but I love it and still think that's it's super unique anime art style and it's interesting so, that's my choice

  • Nostalgic Games

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    oh ily for making this post lol, for me it's: All of the sly cooper games, ah man the thought of those games make me tear up I actually cried when I played the newest one on my ps vita (lol) but the reason is because I remember I used to just ply crash and other games on my ps2 and Nintendo 64 but I wouldn't ever be super pumped about them, but then I got the first sly cooper and I fell in love with video games, from there on I have played games with a passion. TF2 (console) I got this game for …

  • I hope not, I would have been on the first few pages but I had to wait a few days to hit 500 because I was at 493 when he announced it. I hope me being that close to 500 doesn't effect his choice. Also do you guys think he will visit people's channels in order to see more of them? I made a montage but I couldn't get a lot of my old videos due to them being on an older computer T_T oh well thanks for the input thus far!

  • Shout Out Competition #3

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    Name: James Saucier Channel name: Hadexicon YouTube Video (That best describes your content): (Hidden Content) Quick Description: I've done YouTube for about 3 years, 2 years on this account, I basically just do gaming videos and every once in a while vlogs. Im full of dank memes, swag, and anything else that it takes to make the powerpuff girls. So basically im fabulous P.S. Thanks to PewDiePie for being the real MVP giving us smaller channels a chance Shout Out to DuckMonsta for being a


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    Multiplayer feature.