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  • I would cry because I'm emotional a'f & I would hug him. Only cus he helps me with so much! ☺️

  • The scary videos she makes

  • Where are you from?

    ForeverMeMarie143 - - Bro Corner


    Everyone on here is from interesting countries I want to visit & here I am like "I'm from Kentucky." xD

  • I love this question Pewds is such a generous guy & so funny. I struggle with depression, anxiety because of my disease. I can't really do much so on the days I'm bed ridden, I would be an emotional mess. I wouldn't laugh & I just overall wasn't myself. I found my brother one day laughing so loud in his room. He has the same disease as me & he was watching Pewds. That was how we bonded, so I started watching him too!:) Getting to know Pewds was even better. I started to feel like myself again al…

  • I love the graphics but I got bored after awhile when he was walking in the woods! I tried to get into watching it but I couldn't D:


    ForeverMeMarie143 - - Chat Box


    Depends on what games someone plays. If they're entertaining to watch. Also personality! I don't care about editing what-so-ever honestly. Also originality. Not doing the same style videos like every YouTuber. I do dislike when YouTubers sponsor all the time. I only like when they sponsor what they truly like. I also like if they're real. They aren't afraid to show their feelings or just be themselves in general.

  • Name: Michaela Marie (Not my real last name.. Privacy reasons.) Channel Name: ForeverMeMarie143 YouTube Video: I haven't uploaded in a few weeks due to health issues I'm going through right now. (I couldn't choose one, so I hope two is okay!!) Lyme Awareness: My Old Drawings Quick Description: I have always wanted to start YouTube, but I couldn't because my mom didn't like me on the Internet exposing myself. Finally she let me do it…