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  • So Pewdz asked on Facebook how he can get more Girl viewers, since I cant answer to that specific post .. but to all the others.. dunno why. I just thought I create a Thread on his forum! Goooood idea. So I just copy and paste what I wanted to write without changing anything. If you have ideas you can post them, too ofc! (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Nathan Prescott: “But still you are pretty smart that you knew that since the first episode you got my respect for that. ” thanks bro!

  • Quote from Nathan Prescott: “Ive realised he is the bad guy at the vortex club party when Stella said that Mr. Jefferson recommended her that job at the party. Just a few minutes before it was revealed hes the villain. ” Lol even tho I said that I realised it in the very first episode and played with the thought that he is the villain. I totally forgot about that at this point at the club.

  • Hey Bros, yeah I know Im a little late with it but I just watched Episode 3 and 4 of Pewdie's Life is strange Playthrough. IF YOU DIDNT DON'T READ THIS!!!!! Pewds said that he didnt expected that Plottwist at the end at all, but I played with that thought a little actually. But thats maybe because thats a thing I always do which ruins the movies I watch and stuff like that ALWAYS for me.. so in the very first episode when I noticed that the teacher is pretty nice to Max I already said to myself …

  • An Actor.

  • I would give him a Brofist and Pewds will be like 'heeey whats up man' and I will stare at him for a second to give it an awkward atmosphere and then give him a warm hug. Then he will be like 'ooo.. ok thats enough bro. Im fine thank you' and I will answer that with offering him a bite of my Thuna Sandwich. If he agrees and takes a bite, Im satisfied and can continue massaging my face with olive oil. If he just says 'nah bro its alright. I've already eaten something' I will jump away like a baby…